Top 8 Best Fertilizer For Potatoes for Healthy and Vibrant Potatoes Plants

Since it’s a root vegetable, it’s hard to keep track of the potato’s growth. Most gardeners today have difficulty caring for and supplementing with nutrients. It seems the time has come for you to look for the best fertilizer for potatoes, products that can ensure steady tuber growth.

However, do you know the most optimal NPK ratio of fertilizer for potatoes? How to fertilize, and when to fertilize to achieve the most optimal effect? If you can’t give the correct answers to the above questions, don’t worry. A series of useful information below will provide you with a satisfactory answer!

Our Top Picks: Best Fertilizer For Potatoes

Product ImagesProduct NameDetailsEditor's RatingPrice
 Miracle-Gro Water Soluble All Purpose Plant FoodBest for Overall Miracle-Gro Water Soluble
  • Item Form: Granular.

  • Fertilizer Analysis: 24-8-16.

  • Weight: 9 ounces.
  • 4.9Amazon-Check-Price-button
    Botanicare Cal-Mag PlusBest for Performance Botanicare 2-0-0 NPK
  • Item Form: Liquid.

  • Fertilizer Analysis: 2-0-0.

  • Weight: 10.3 lbs.
  • 4.9Amazon-Check-Price-button
    Best for Growth Rate Dr. Earth Organic 5
  • Item Form: Granular.

  • Fertilizer Analysis: 4-6-3.

  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • 4.8Amazon-Check-Price-button
    Best for Productivity Miracle-Gro Shake 'N Feed
  • Item Form: Granular.

  • Fertilizer Analysis: 12-4-8.

  • Weight: 1 lbs.
  • 4.8Amazon-Check-Price-button
    Best for Potted Plants Joyful Dirt Premium Concentrated
  • Item Form: Granular.

  • Fertilizer Analysis: 8-1-5.

  • Weight : 3 oz.
  • 4.8Amazon-Check-Price-button
    Best for Industrial Crops Burpee Bone Meal Fertilizer
  • Item Form: Granular.

  • Fertilizer Analysis: 6-8-0.

  • Weight: 3 lbs.

  • 4.7Amazon-Check-Price-button
    Best for pH level Fox Farm Grow Big Liquid Concentrate
  • Item Form: Liquid.

  • Fertilizer Analysis: 6-4-4.

  • Weight: 1.3 lbs.
  • 4.7Amazon-Check-Price-button
    Best for Organic Espoma Organic Bio-tone Starter Plus
  • Item Form: Granular.

  • Fertilizer Analysis: 4-3-3.

  • Weight: 4 lbs.
  • 4.7Amazon-Check-Price-button

    In-Depth Reviews Of The Best Fertilizer For Potatoes

    You can find a lot of fertilizers advertised as suitable for use on potatoes. However, it is hard to find products that have the kind of effect that is as obvious as a bunch of names featured in the list below.

    #1. Miracle-Gro Water Soluble – Best for Overall

    Best fertilizer for potatoes - Miracle-Gro Water Soluble


    Product’s highlights

    Miracle-Gro Water Soluble is one of the most comprehensive potato nutrition solutions you can find to date.

    It can be confirmed as above because the product possesses a series of essential nutrients in the right ratio, thereby helping your potato plants grow better with higher yields.

    Specifically, with this fertilizer sample, Miracle-Gro brings the N-P-K formula with the ratio of 24-8-16, respectively. Combined with that easy-to-use form, the fertilizer provides nutrients to the potato plant almost immediately.

    As a result, with only 1-2 weeks of fertilizing, you have potato plants with larger, more beautiful tubers than expected.

    Another advantage that cannot be made of Miracle-Gro Water-soluble is the absolute safety of plants. As long as you use it as directed, you should see an almost immediate effect without causing fire or damage to the potato plants.

    This fertilizer sample is quite easy to use. You can fertilize through the feeder or attach the feeder to the faucet, place a sprayer or use a watering can.

    What we like

    • Contains all necessary nutrients.
    • Has an immediate effect on the tree.
    • Do not burn leaves when used as directed.
    • Easy to use.
    • Optimum N-P-K content.

    Thing to consider

    • The amount of fertilizer is limited compared to the price.

    Bottom Line

    It can be that Miracle-Gro Water Soluble possesses all the advantages that you always look for in a potato fertilizer: effective nutritional formula, quick action, easy to use, and safe for potato plants. Are you ready to have a bountiful harvest?

    #2. Botanicare 2-0-0 NPK – Best for Performance

    Best fertilizer for potatoes - Botanicare 2-0-0 NPK


    Product’s highlights

    Nutrient deficiencies are not uncommon, especially when you grow potatoes in pots. That is also why you need fertilizers that can compensate for natural calcium and common deficiencies like Botanicare 2-0-0 NPK.

    This fertilizer sample is not Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium as usual. Instead, the product possesses a large amount of calcium, magnesium, and iron.

    Therefore, Botanicare will be the perfect nutrient supplement for potted plants grown by hydroponics or cocoa mulch.

    Besides attracting attention with its ability to overcome common deficiencies, this fertilizer model from Botanicare is known for its ease of use. You can mix the solution with water and fertilize regularly or apply it through a foliar spray.

    What We Like

    • Easy to use.
    • Suitable for potatoes grown by many methods
    • It can be available in conjunction with each watering.
    • Supplement with calcium, magnesium, and iron.

    Thing to Consider

    • There may be a problem of leakage during storage.

    Bottom Line

    While not a comprehensive nutrient option, Botanicare is the perfect option to correct deficiencies. If you grow potatoes in a pot, you certainly do not want to miss this fertilizer with abundant calcium, magnesium, and iron.

    #3. Earth Organic 5 – Best for Growth Rate

    Best fertilizer for potatoes - Earth Organic 5
    Product’s highlights

    Dr. Earth Organic 5 is one of the best fertilizers for fertilizing or tea brewing. The reason lies in the fact that this representative from Dr.Earth includes optimal nutrients for primary potato plants, resulting in more nutritious and delicious vegetables.

    Specifically, this fertilizer sample contains 100% organic substances of natural origin, including beneficial microorganisms and precious pro-organisms.

    The product also includes up to eight lines of endo mycorrhizae. The presence of these substances increases drought tolerance and contributes significantly to the supply of nutrients, thereby increasing crop yields.

    The above nutrients are also released quickly, thereby providing outstanding fast results, with effects lasting for several months.

    What we like

    • Free of GMOs, sludge.
    • 100% natural organic ingredients.
    • Multi-minerals and trace elements.
    • Verified by the Non-GMO Project.
    • Suitable for supplementing nutrients during the first time.

    Thing to consider

    • Fishmeal can attract insects.

    Bottom Line

    Dr. Earth Organic 5 is an organic fertilizer with a wide range of precious trace elements, proteins, carbohydrates, and humic acids. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when the product promises to be a reliable companion to bring a bountiful harvest with nutritious, safe, and delicious ingredients.

    #4. Miracle-Gro Shake ‘N Feed – Best for Productivity

    Best fertilizer for potatoes - Miracle-Gro Shake 'N Feed
    Product’s highlights

    Another name from the Miracle-Go brand: Miracle-Gro Shake ‘N Feed. This product still possesses the advantages that have made the brand name, such as ease of use, continuous-release for many months with a wide range of nutrients.

    In addition to the advantages, the manufacturer also offers separate formulas that make Miracle-Gro Shake ‘N Feed the ideal choice to increase productivity.

    In addition to the elements of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium, the product also contains a series of other important micronutrients combined with additional natural ingredients.

    Specifically, with kelp, wormwood meal, and bone meal, you provide nutrients for potato plants and nourish microorganisms in the soil, thereby improving the condition of the growing potato’s environment.

    With such impressive nutrient-replenishing effects as above, with Miracle-Gro Shake ‘N Feed, you can own strong, productive potato crops.

    Not only that, but the quality of harvested vegetables also increases significantly when you use this safe fertilizer.

    What We Like

    • Easy to use.
    • Contains important micronutrients.
    • Contains many safe and effective natural ingredients.
    • The formula contributes to microorganisms and improves soil quality.
    • Continuous release for three months.

    Thing to Consider

    • It May cause leaf burn.

    Bottom Line

    Vigorous, productive potato crops are any grower’s dream. And with Miracle-Gro Shake ‘N Feed, that dream will come true.

    You’ll get an unprecedented potato harvest with this three-month continuous release of fertilizer.

    #5. Joyful Dirt Premium Concentrated – Best for Potted Plants

    Best fertilizer for potatoes - Joyful Dirt Premium ConcentratedAmazon-Check-Price-button
    Product’s highlights

    Growing potatoes in pots is an option for many families with limited living space.

    However, this method of growing potato plants also has many disadvantages, of which the most concerning issue is that the number of nutrients in the soil will gradually decrease over time.

    You have measures to improve the quality of the soil and increase the vitality of the plants. Joyful Dirt Premium Concentrated is one such measure.

    The manufacturer proudly claims that Joyful Dirt Premium Concentrated is effective enough for outdoor use yet gentle enough not to burn potato plants, especially potted plants, indoors.

    Powering the product is Mycorrhizae, along with a host of other key nutrients. The result is a fertilizer that absorbs 100 times faster than conventional products, helping plants grow quickly without requiring too much water.

    You do not need to use this purpose granular fertilizer sample too often. With a frequency of only once a month, Joyful Dirt Premium Concentrated has confidently been able to deliver healthy, high-yielding potato plants that you’re sure to be satisfied with.

    What We Like

    • Just shake and water; fertilizing has never been so easy.
    • Contains Mycorrhizae and other important nutrients.
    • Plants grow faster but require less water.
    • Increase the vitality of plants.
    • Easy to store.

    Thing to Consider

    • High price.

    Bottom Line

    While there are still some downsides, there is no denying that Joyful Dirt Premium Concentrated is one of the best choices for indoor or potted potato plants. With abundant nutrients, your potatoes will grow better but require minimal water.

    #6. Burpee Bone Meal Fertilizer – Best for Industrial Crops

    Best fertilizer for potatoes - Burpee Bone Meal FertilizerAmazon-Check-Price-button
    Product’s highlights

    There are quite a few reasons that make Burpee Bone Meal Fertilizer the best for bulk planting.

    Firstly, it is impossible not to mention the main source of this fertilizer: bone meal – a famous source of Nitrogen, phosphorus, and organic calcium.

    You can completely trust using this product to support the development of the roots of the plant, supplementing nutrients throughout the growth process.

    Secondly, because of its excellent ability to affect the roots of plants and bulbs, combined with fine granules, Burpee Bone Meal is an effective and economical choice to use when you grow crops on a large scale.

    In addition, this purpose granular fertilizer model also has a mechanism to release nutrients slowly to provide nutrients throughout the potato crop with just one use. Besides, thanks to the above means of action, you do not have to worry about tree burning when using this product made from bone meal.

    What We Like

    • Ideal for growing potato plants in bulk.
    • Certified organic.
    • Promote vigorous growth of tubers.
    • Provide important organic Nitrogen, phosphorus, and calcium.
    • Decompose slowly, providing nutrients throughout the season.

    Thing to Consider

    • Zip bags are not good for the preservation process.

    Bottom Line

    Burpee is a brand with hundreds of years of experience in providing fertilizers and many other crop products. Many experienced gardeners trust the products from this brand because of their high quality, quick effect, and reasonable price.

    Burpee Bone Meal Fertilizer, with a series of advantages above, is no exception.

    #7. Fox Farm Grow Big Liquid Concentrate – Best for pH level

    Best fertilizer for potatoes - Fox Farm Grow Big Liquid Concentrate
    Product’s highlights

    To get the best yield and provide adequate nutrients for potatoes, you need to ensure that the pH of the soil is between 5.5 and 7.0. One of the ways to keep the above optimal pH is to use Fox Farm Grow Big Liquid Concentrate fertilizer.

    The special feature of this purpose granular fertilizer is that it is with a low pH.

    Therefore, micronutrients are always maintained and stable during use and storage. Besides, the product’s special formula also contributes significantly to stabilizing the pH level in the soil.

    More than simply a pH-stabilizing option, this representative from Fox Farm is also capable of helping potato plants grow lush, stimulating the growth of roots and tubers of potatoes.

    To make this successful, it is impossible not to mention a large amount of wormwood powder, Norwegian kelp, and special nutrients that help increase the size and structure of the plant.

    An undeniable advantage of this potato fertilizer sample is the concentration of the mixture. Thanks to that, you can maximize your budget, but the potato crop is still lush, promising a bountiful harvest.

    What we like

    • Economical liquid concentrate.
    • Enhance potato plant size and structure.
    • Prepare with low pH.
    • Contains earthworm powder, Norwegian kelp, and essential micronutrients.
    • Easy to use.

    Thing to consider

    • Not suitable for use after the flowering period.

    Bottom Line

    With ideal pH, natural and precious micronutrients, combined with an economical liquid concentrate form, it can be said that there are too many advantages appearing in this potato fertilizer sample from Fox Farm.

    If you’re dreaming of a good harvest, don’t forget Fox Farm Grow Big Liquid Concentrate Fertilize.

    #8. Espoma Organic Bio-tone Starter Plus – Best for Organic

    Best fertilizer for potatoes - Espoma Organic Bio-tone Starter PlusAmazon-Check-Price-button
    Product’s highlights

    Espoma Organic Bio-tone Starter Plus has been certified as a qualified product. All input materials of this planting potatoes fertilizer sample are organic and most natural.

    Bio-tone Starter Plus uses a proprietary formula free of sludge and harmful ingredients instead of enhanced organics, endo, and ectomycorrhizae. Combined with that are hundreds of thousands of beneficial microorganisms. This purpose granular fertilizer model promises to promote the growth and formation of plants and improve soil structure.

    When it comes to Espoma Organic Bio-tone Starter Plus, it is impossible not to praise the easy use of this purpose granular fertilizer.

    As a ready-to-use product at any time with no mixing required, it can be that with Bio-tone Starter Plus, fertilizing has never been easier.

    What We Like

    • Contains the finest natural, organic ingredients.
    • Enhance endo & ectomycorrhizae.
    • Exclusive Bio-tone formula.
    • Easy to use.
    • Suitable for organic gardening.

    Thing to Consider

    • The smell of potato fertilizer is not too pleasant.

    Bottom Line

    Bio-tone Starter Plus is one of the best organic fertilizers available today with all-natural inputs, including many beneficial bacteria and fungi.

    You will certainly be impressed with the ability to support plants to grow quickly, increase the plant’s ability to withstand environmental stress, and improve the structure of the soil that the product brings.

    What Is The Best Fertilizer For Potatoes?

    To find a product that answers this question, you must consider various factors.

    From the type of product to the list of nutrients and the percentage of minerals, choosing the best potato fertilizers has never been an easy challenge.

    However, you don’t need to worry too much. In addition to the list above, you can also refer to the series of guidelines below to find the fertilizer pattern that can bring about a good harvest:

    Buying Guide – How To Choose Fertilizer for Potatoes?

    There are quite a few things to consider when choosing a fertilizer for potatoes. The following issues are factors you should not ignore in the selection process.


    Each form of fertilizer has different uses, with its advantages and disadvantages. With potatoes, you have two main options: granular and liquid.


    Seeds are the most popular form of potato fertilizer today when possessing a series of advantages such as affordable prices and easy storage.

    Besides, this form is also quite beneficial to use when fertilizing. You need to spread the fertilizer 2 feet from the base and 0.2 feet from the edge.

    Another important advantage of this fertilizer is that it can release nutrients over time. Therefore, with just a few uses, you can ensure adequate nutrition throughout the plant’s life.


    The biggest advantage of liquid fertilizers is that all the nutrients are easily absorbed, so plants can use them immediately and give noticeable quick results.

    However, you should also note that plants may face leaf burn and damage if you use fertilizers in inappropriate doses.


    In addition to the form, you need to pay attention in the selection process to the type of nutrient that the potato plant lacks, thereby taking appropriate supplementary measures. Here are some of the nutrients that are most commonly in potato fertilizers that you need to consider:

    • Nitrogen: Stimulate the growth of stems and leaves. Yet, for root crops such as potatoes, an excess of Nitrogen can adversely affect the yield.
    • Phosphorus: Unlike Nitrogen, phosphorus plays an important role in improving tuber yield.
    • Potassium: It is a micronutrient that can reduce dark spots while increasing the plant’s yield.
    • Magnesium: Improves soil pH as well as soil condition.
    • Manganese: Soil improvement with a pH of ca.
    • Boron: Improve the texture of potato skins by enabling the plant to absorb calcium from the soil.

    Season and NPK Ratio

    As mentioned above, a nutrient, such as Nitrogen, can negatively affect potatoes if used in excess. Therefore, you will need to pay attention to the percentage of NPK present in your organic fertilizers.

    The ideal recipe for mature potatoes is 2-2-3, which means 2% Nitrogen, 2% Phosphorus, and 3% Potassium.

    Plants need a different supply of nutrients in each season. So, in fertilizing, you need to pay attention to the specific growth stage with synthetic chemicals.

    pH Level

    Potatoes thrive only on acidic soil with a pH between 5.5 and 7.0.

    Too high a pH can affect the metabolism of nutrients, while too low will inadvertently expose the plant to heavy metal ion poisoning.

    You need to make sure the fertilizer you choose has a pH that matches the pH of the soil. In addition, you also need to consider measures to adjust the pH with separate substances such as organic substances, lime, and sulfur.

    Amount of Fertilizer

    The amount of fertilizer depends on the growth stage of the plant. During the 3 – 4 month growing potatoes season, gardeners will often fertilize from 0 to 5.

    In addition, some farmers often choose a ratio of 15-15-15 to promote increased resistance to infection while increasing the depth of the outer plant cells with synthetic chemicals.


    The information above must have been very helpful for your selection of fertilizing potatoes. However, do you have the most authentic information about how to use the same time of use? Learn interesting things related to this field through a series of frequently asked questions below:

    How to Fertilize Potatoes?

    Each stage requires a different way of providing nutrients, specifically:

    • Before planting: Spread fertilizer on the soil. Especially, you need to prioritize fertilizers with high nitrogen content during this period.
    • After one month of planting: You should use mulch and NPK in a balanced ratio during this time. The ideal amount of fertilizer to use at this time is about 0.2 tons per hectare.
    • After two months of planting: Half a ton/ha is the most suitable amount of fertilizer in this period. Besides, you need to provide more Nitrogen and Potassium.
    • After three months of planting: During this time, add another half-ton of fertilizer per hectare with a suitable NPK.

    When to Fertilize Potatoes?

    Two weeks from planting, you can already start adding nutrients to your plants. Besides, don’t forget to stop fertilizing two weeks before harvest.

    Is Epsom salt good for potatoes?

    Yes, Epsom salt makes it easier for plants to absorb nutrients. Therefore, not only potatoes, all plants need this salt.

    When should I start fertilizing my potatoes?

    As mentioned in the previous section, two weeks from planting is the ideal time to fertilize. Depending on the soil condition, you can fertilize before planting.

    More to read: When Should You Stop Watering Your Potatoes?

    How do you increase the yield of a potato?

    To increase yield, you will need to increase tuber size and weight.

    Are pine needles good mulch for potatoes?

    Pine leaves are quite useful for coating seed potatoes. In addition, when the tree is about 6” tall, you can also continue to cover it with pine needles, crumbs, and mold every two weeks.

    Will potatoes grow in wood chips?

    Wood chips can make up for lost Nitrogen in the soil. Therefore, you can completely grow potatoes in this material, combined with straw in the nursery.

    How much fertilizer should I use on potatoes?

    Basically, for a 1,000-square-foot garden, you’ll need about 25 lbs of fertilizer throughout the growing season. The number above can vary depending on the ratio of fertilizer and the form you use.

    How do I apply fertilizer to potatoes?

    You can either spread the fertilizer over the ground or fertilize in strips of soil 3 inches above the ground and 1 inch below the seed potatoes.

    Do potatoes like coffee grounds?

    Coffee grounds are an excellent fertilizer for potatoes, ensuring healthy stem and leaf growth. You can mix this material with compost to make a coffee brew using coffee grounds.

    Final Thoughts

    With the variety of information above, have you chosen your own best fertilizer for potatoes?

    You should prioritize Miracle-Gro Water Soluble, a nutrient-rich and fast-acting formula, or Joyful Dirt Premium Concentrated, which absorbs 100 times faster than normal products, helping plants grow quickly.

    Do you simply want to overcome nutrient deficiencies in the soil? Try to prefer products with a simple formula like Botanicare 2-0-0 NPK.

    Whatever your answer is, you won’t regret it, with carefully considered choices from the helpful suggestions above.

    If you have further questions about gardening, please check our site to see more helpful tips! Thank you for reading!

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