[Top 10] Best Palm Tree Fertilizer: Which Is Right For Your Palm?

The palm is an impressive tree, highly aesthetically pleasing if cared for properly. One of the ways to take care of the palm is to use the best palm tree fertilizer to provide the tree with the necessary nutrients, helping the tree grow constantly.

Proper fertilizer can also prevent leaf drops, restore plants from pests and diseases. If you want to know more about these magical fertilizer products, please refer to the list below with Swipe Garden!

Our Top Picks

Product ImagesProduct NameDetailsEditor's RatingPrice
Jobes Palm Fert Spikes
  • Weight: ‎2.72 pounds.

  • Fertilizer Analysis:  10:5:10.

  • Form: Spikes.
  • 4.9Amazon-Check-Price-button
    EarthPods Premium Food
  • Weight: 3.21 ounces.

  • Composition: Bio formula.

  • Form: Capsules.
  • 4.9Amazon-Check-Price-button
    Jobe's Organics Plant Food
  • Weight: 4 lbs.

  • Fertilizer Analysis: 4:2:4.

  • Form: Powder.
  • 4.8Amazon-Check-Price-button
    Jobe's 05101 Spikes
  • Weight: 1.41 ounces.

  • Fertilizer Analysis: 16:2:6. 

  • Form: Spikes.
  • 4.8Amazon-Check-Price-button
    Miracle-Gro Plant Food 
  • Weight: 3.77 pounds.

  • Use once a season.

  • Form: Spikes.
  • 4.8Amazon-Check-Price-button
    Miracle-Gro 1602210 Tree 
  • Weight: 20 lbs.

  • Composition: Nitrogen, Magnesium, Iron, and Manganese

  • Form: Powder.
  • 4.7Amazon-Check-Price-button
    Voluntary 10611 Fertilizer
  • Weight: 16 ounces.

  • Fertilizer Analysis: 5:1:1.

  • Form: Liquid.
  • 4.7Amazon-Check-Price-button
    Miracle-Gro Plant Food
  • Weight: 8 ounces.

  • Apply once a week. 

  • Form: Liquid.
  • 4.7Amazon-Check-Price-button
    Palm Fertilizer by EZ-GRO
  • Weight: 2.26 pounds.

  • Fertilizer Analysis: 15:5:24 

  • Form: Liquid.
  • 4.7Amazon-Check-Price-button
    Espoma PM4 Palm-Tone
  • Weight: 4lbs.

  • Fertilizer Analysis:: 4:1:5. 

  • Form: Powder.
  • 4.6Amazon-Check-Price-button

    The Best Palm Tree Fertilizer Reviews Of 2022

    It is difficult to find a perfect fertilizer product for all purposes. However, there are always great products that fulfill certain needs. The following ten products are proof of the above statement.

    #1. Jobes Palm Fert SpikesBest for Outdoor Plants

    Best Palm Tree Fertilizer
    Product’s highlights

    Jobe’s is one of the leading brands in the field of environmentally friendly fertilizer production. Since the release of nutrients is gradual, you won’t waste your nutrients.

    Instead, for 6 months, you won’t need additional fertilizer options. Jobe’s outdoor palm trees are easy to use and highly effective, especially for root growth. Jobe’s palm spikes are no exception.

    Jobes’ Palm Fert Spikes have a ratio of N:P: K elements of 10:5:10 respectively. The above elements are in the form of spikes, with a slow release so that the product can provide nutrients to the brush for a long time.

    The spike form is not only effective for long-term use but also highly convenient.

    All you need to do is plant the spikes in the ground around the palm tree. During the next half-year, you won’t be bothered by nutritional problems like slow growth, yellowing leaves.

    Also, Jobes’ Palm Fert Spikes are an economical option.

    The release of nutrients is gradual, so you won’t waste your nutrients. Instead, for six months, you won’t need additional fertilizer options.


    • Provide enough nutrients for plants for a long time.
    • No unpleasant smell.
    • Contain many trace elements.
    • Easy to use.
    • No waste.


    • Thorns can break if you apply too much force when applying.

    Bottom line

    If you don’t have a lot of time and effort to take care of your brushes, you’ll need long-lasting products like Jobe’s Palm Fert Spikes.

    #2. EarthPods Premium Plant FoodBest for Organic Fertilizer

    Best Palm Tree Fertilizer
    Product’s highlights

    EarthPods Premium Plant Food is a dual-effective fertilizer. Specifically, the product helps the palm grow well and plays an active role in soil regeneration.

    This natural organic fertilizer is not inferior to any chemical fertilizer product today in terms of plant support.

    This product contains nutrients of plant origin, essential minerals, and live microorganisms. As a result, EarthPods fertilizer will increase the chlorophyll in the plant, causing greener leaves, better growth.

    In terms of environmental friendliness, you can’t doubt the premium bio-formula of the product. This type of fertilizer provides nutrients for plants and can nourish the soil, making it more fertile with living microorganisms.

    When compared to chemical fertilizer products that can degrade soil, it is clear that EarthPods is still a more sustainable choice not only for your palm but for all your plants.

    Another advantage of this fertilizer is the capsule form of the product. You can push the capsule close to the stem, allowing the product to release its nutrients.

    Or you can also spread the nutrients inside the tablet into the soil and then water it. Fertilizing palm trees has never been so easy.

    With EarthPods fertilizer, you also don’t have to worry or calculate the proper fertilizer dosage. You need to use the product according to what the manufacturer recommends: 1-2 tablets for young plants, 2-4 tablets for medium plants, and 4-8 tablets for large plants.


    • Recycled packaging.
    • Environmental friendliness.
    • Easy to use.
    • It is possible to regenerate the composition of the soil.
    • Rich in organic minerals.


    • Need to fertilize regularly.

    Bottom line

    Unlike some hemp fertilizers, you should apply EarthPods every 2-3 weeks. The above frequency may make you unhappy, but this product in capsule form is straightforward to use and won’t take you too long.

    To sum up, EarthPods Premium is still the first choice for you to take care of brushes and other ornamental plants in general.

    #3. Jobe’s Organics Granules PalmBest for Foliage Growing

    Best Palm Tree Fertilizer
    Product’s highlights

    Jobe’s Organics Palm is the ideal fertilizer to grow the foliage and increase the root mass of palm trees such as coconut, palm, fan palm. The product has used Biozome, a unique slow-release formula only available at Jobe’s organics.

    The biozome is a mixture of beneficial bacteria and fungi such as Mycorrhizal and Archaea.

    Biozome’s natural organisms are focused on improving the soil environment. Compared to chemical fertilizers that often provide many nutrients, the excess is converted into compounds that cause pollution, and it is clear that Biozome is a safer solution.

    Biozome does not harm the natural ecosystem of the soil. Instead, the beneficial microorganisms and fungi in the fertilizer will prevent soil degradation, creating a suitable environment for plants to grow.

    From there, the plant will more easily absorb nutrients and also have greater endurance. Influencing factors such as diseases, unfavorable weather conditions can hardly prevent the growth of plants.


    • No harmful chemicals.
    • Promotes root growth
    • Improve soil quality.
    • Increases stamina for plants.
    • Safe for users, children, and pets.


    • The smell of organic fertilizer.

    Bottom line

    Jobe’s Organics Granules Palm Plant Food is a long-term care solution that no conventional chemical fertilizer product can match.

    If you want to create a balanced, healthy, and sustainable ecosystem in your garden, don’t forget to use organic products like Jobe’s granules palm plant food.

    #4. Jobe’s 05101 Fertilizer SpikesBest for Mature Plants

    Best Palm Tree Fertilizer
    Product’s highlights

    It is an excellent product from Jobe’s brand: Jobe’s 05101 Fern & Palm Fertilizer.

    Like JOBES PALM FERT at the beginning of the article, this fertilizer sample is also in the form of sticks.

    However, the manufacturer knows how to differentiate the product, making Jobe’s 05101 the most effective and special fertilizer for the mature palm tree.

    Specifically, the product has an N:P: K ratio of 16:2:6, respectively.

    The clear difference between the elements has shown the concentration of fertilizer 05101 on the care and formation of living tissue of plants.

    Slow-growing palm trees will be the first to see the benefits of a formula with Nitrogen as the main ingredient.

    Besides, if you want a product that can nourish plants for two months, Jobe’s 05101 will be the most suitable choice. Because of the spike design, the product has a slow release time, providing nutrients stably and slowly to the Plant.

    Another advantage of Jobe’s fertilizer is that the product does not have the characteristic odor of organic fertilizer.

    Most importantly, when you have buried fertilizer in the soil, rainwater or water for plants cannot wash away valuable products and nutrients.

    Jobe’s 05101, like other fertilizers of the same brand, has the primary goal of helping even the most minor developed roots absorb nutrients. Jobe’s fertilizer line has done very well with that seemingly tricky goal.


    • Easy to use.
    • Save.
    • No unpleasant smell.
    • Provide nutrients for two months.
    • Nourishing the roots.


    • The amount of Nitrogen is too substantial for young plants.

    Bottom line

    Mature, underdeveloped palm trees will benefit from Jobe’s 05101’s abundant nitrogen source. You’ll soon see the difference this particular product makes.

    #5. Miracle-Gro Tree & Shrub SpikesBest for Budget

    Best Palm Tree Fertilizer
    Product’s highlights

    Amidst the range of popular products available today, Miracle-Gro & Shrub Plant Food Spikes still stand out and are a perfect choice for a budget-friendly, long-lasting palm fertilizer placement for several reasons below:

    Firstly, the product can provide enough nutrients for the palm for six months. During this time, it is unnecessary and will be a waste to use other expensive fertilizer products.

    Secondly, with the stick form, the product will gradually break down nutrients into the soil. You will not have to worry about the palm tree falling into an excess of nutrients that is both wasted and not good for growth.

    Instead, it’s because of its complex texture and unique way of working that Miracle-Gro avoids washing off, and you can get the most out of the product’s nutrients.

    In the end, palm fertilizer is effective when used on palm trees and gives excellent results for many different plants. The idea of ​​​​buying a product for many purposes is not impossible. On the contrary, it brings you many benefits.


    • Affordable.
    • Easy to use.
    • Fertilize twice a year.
    • Contain natural ingredients.
    • Release nutrients directly into the soil around plant roots.


    • Not suitable for potted plants.

    Bottom line

    Economical, easy to use, high efficiency – these advantages are present in Miracle-Gro Food Spikes, making the product worthy of becoming one of the most popular fertilizer products at the moment.

    #6. Miracle-Gro 1602210 FoodBest for Preventing Wilting

    Best Palm Tree Fertilizer
    Product’s highlights

    Unlike today’s popular fertilizer products with critical nutrients like Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorus, Miracle-Gro 1602210 fertilizer has a much more exciting ingredient list.

    The product contains all the essential elements Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus within six weeks and has four essential nutrients, namely Magnesium, Sulfur, Manganese, and Iron.

    With the list of ingredients as above, the most significant advantage of Miracle-Gro 1602210 Palm Tree Food is its ability to prevent the deficiency of trace elements for the palm.

    The intermediate and trace elements play a small role in plant growth. However, if there is a lack of, for example, Magnesium, the leaves may turn yellow and fall prematurely.

    The consequences are similar to when the brush lacks sulfur and manganese. Even iron deficiency is the leading cause of the whiteness of young leaves.

    Let Miracle-Gro 1602210 with the perfect formula; both provide the necessary nutrients for the Plant for a long time and prevent the phenomenon mentioned above of yellowing and falling leaves.


    • Easy to use.
    • Including the most necessary trace elements and intermediates.
    • Suitable for palm and other bonsai.
    • Prevention of trace element deficiency.
    • Prevent leaf drop, yellowing of leaves.


    • Fish contains a lot of protein. But plants do not readily absorb it, but it takes a long time to convert into amino acids. But for fish emulsions, the protein is already in the most absorbable form possible.

    Bottom line

    If you see palm leaves yellowing, deciduous, young leaves turning pale white, your palm tree is likely lacking in sulfur, manganese, or other trace elements.

    To overcome and prevent the above situation from returning, you can use Miracle-Gro 1602210 Palm Tree Food.

    #7. Voluntary Purchasing Group 10611Best for Roots

    Best Palm Tree Fertilizer

    Product’s highlights

    You are undoubtedly familiar with fertilizers derived from worms, kelp, and beneficial microorganisms. But, if you have never been exposed to this particular fertilizer, you should start with Voluntary Purchasing Group 10611.
    This product has high efficiency, surpassing chemical fertilizer for palm trees because of its concentrated fish emulsion formula.

    Fish emulsion has long been famous for its protein content, along with abundant vitamins, macronutrients, and minerals.

    Besides, fish emulsion also has essential amino acids that the products are lacking. Therefore, this special fertilizer has a powerful effect. 

    Specifically, the product has three main effects:

    Firstly, fish emulsion provides adequate nutrients for plant growth.

    The product contains a lot of medium and microelements such as iron, manganese, Magnesium, boron. The exceptionally high content of amino acids and proteins in this special palm fertilizer has a beneficial effect. Used to stimulate the metabolism of the palm, support healthy root development.

    Secondly, the fish emulsion supports the absorption of nutrients by the roots.

    Fish contains a lot of protein, but plants do not readily absorb it, but it takes a long time to convert into amino acids. But for fish emulsions, the protein is already in the most absorbable form possible.

    Even if you use a product for roots with difficulty absorbing nutrients, this fish protein can still work to the fullest.

    Thirdly, this fish-based fertilizer can enhance plant resistance and improve soil.

    The sulfur content in the product is strong enough to reduce the effects of pests and diseases and recover the palm from chemical palm fertilizer poisoning.

    In addition, the remaining trace elements also help strengthen resistance, prevent harmful pests.


    • Do not attract insects, harmful organisms.
    • Support root growth.
    • Restore plants from chemical excess.
    • Can reduce the detrimental effects of pests.
    • Safe for the palm trees.


    • Do not use it in hot weather.

    Bottom line

    Long-term use of inorganic fertilizer for palm trees can seriously affect the sandy soil environment and also adversely affect plants.

    The good news is that you now have a wide selection of organic fertilizer that is no different in strength than inorganic fertilizers.

    In addition to fertilizers from kelp, worms, and other organisms, you now have another option: fish emulsion fertilizer from the Voluntary Purchasing Group.

    #8. Miracle-Gro Plant FoodBest for Houseplants

    Product’s highlights

    Miracle-Gro Food is one of the best fertilizers that can accompany you throughout the process of growing and caring for indoor palm trees.

    Miracle-Gro is a compost, which is used to feed microorganisms in the soil. These microorganisms will break down the compost, forming easily absorbed nutrients.

    Besides, the organisms in the slow-release fertilizer will not make the soil infertile. On the contrary, it can also help increase soil fertility. The above advantage is even more helpful if you grow plants in containers.

    The manufacturer provides beneficial microorganisms in this fertilizer line and adds many trace elements that play a significant role in the growth of palm.

    Magnesium is a micronutrient that increases the efficiency of Nitrogen and Potassium. Or elemental iron plays an essential role in chlorophyll metabolism.


    • Fertilizer for immediate use.
    • Suitable for all houseplants.
    • Make leaves greener.
    • Easy to use.
    • Mixed with water or used directly.


    • Fertilize once a week.

    Bottom line

    Miracle-Gro is a big brand with some pretty impressive products. And Miracle-Gro Indoor Food is one of the remarkable slow-release fertilizer samples you should consider using at least once.

    #9. Palm Fertilizer by E Z-GROBest for Potash Fertilizer

    Product’s highlights

    How to make palm trees greener is one of the top concerns of any palm grower. Palm Fertilizer by E Z-GRO will be a great solution for you to solve the problem.

    If you are skeptical about this fertilizer’s magical ability, analyze the product’s macro-element ratio: 17:5:24.

    It can be that E Z-GRO is currently the fertilizer model with the highest potassium ratio today. If you have been with palm trees for many years, you will surely understand the importance of potassium for the green color of the leaves.

    Along with the impressively high phosphorus content, the manufacturer also provides these slow-release fertilizers with various nitrogen types.’

    The product contains 5.33% ammonium nitrogen, while the amount of nitrogen nitrate accounts for 11.67%. These different forms of Nitrogen are easy to use, easy to absorb, and have an immediate effect on plants.

    In addition, EZ-Gro fertilizer also contains many other trace elements such as copper, iron, manganese, manganese, iron.

    Though only a small percentage, these trace elements play an essential role in forming beneficial enzymes for the palm. Besides, the trace elements in the product can also help increase the quality of the soil when used for a long time.

    Potassium deficiency is one of the causes of leaves turning yellow and burning. If you supply a large amount of Potassium to the plants with EZ-GRO fertilizer, you can solve the above situation.


    • Ratio N:P:K: 17:5:24.
    • Prevent the accumulation of harmful salts.
    • Easily absorbed form of fertilizer.
    • Prevent leaf yellowing and leaf burning.
    • Make the palm trees greener.


    • Not suitable for use on young trees.

    Bottom line

    To make the leaves greener, you definitely cannot help but seek the help of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and especially Potassium. With an impressive ratio of 17:5:24, EZ-GRO fertilizer is one of the best options you should not miss.

    #10. Espoma PM4 Palm ToneBest For Overall

    Product’s highlights

    Currently on the market, there is no shortage of fertilizer products specifically for palm. However, Espoma PM4 is still a highly appreciated name overall.

    Slow-release fertilizers from the Espoma brand do not have any problematic disadvantages. Instead, the product has the following noticeable advantages:

    First, Espoma is a 100% organic fertilizer.

    The most significant advantage of this fertilizer is that it provides a full range of trace elements, easily absorbed by plants. In this process, manure does not unbalance nutrients nor discolor the sandy soil.

    Compared to chemical fertilizers, it is clear that organic fertilizers are a more balanced, sustainable option.

    Espoma PM4 has all the above advantages of organic palm tree fertilizers.

    Second, the product has a straightforward yet effective formula. The ratio of N:P: K in this fertilizer is 4:1:5, respectively. With an outstandingly high ratio of Nitrogen and Phosphorus, Espoma fertilizer will promote palm growth vigorously but without burning leaves or adversely affecting young plants.

    Packaging design is also a commendable point of Espoma. You have a convenient zip pocket, making it easier than ever to use and store.


    • Do not burn leaves.
    • 100% organic.
    • Ease of use and storage.
    • Explicitly formulated for palm trees.
    • Cheap.


    • There are no specific instructions on how much and how often to fertilize.

    Bottom line

    In general, Espoma PM4 is an excellent choice for palm trees if you do not have too much knowledge about palm tree fertilizers and effective tree care.

    Espoma has a formula that is not too strong that can be suitable for any stage of the Plant but is also compelling enough that you can tell the difference.

    Therefore, if you are looking for a fertilizer product that is perfect in every way, Espoma PM4 is an option that is worth a try.

    Buying Guide

    Many products are born to make your selection richer. Yet, it also unintentionally makes it difficult for you to make decisions. To have a basis for determining which product is suitable, you can refer to the following guidelines.

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    NPK Ratio

    Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium are three essential elements for any plant to grow, including palm.

    Although essential, for each type of crop, the position of the above elements changes. Palm trees require not too much phosphorus. For better greenery, you should choose products with a superior ratio of Nitrogen and Potassium.

    Fertilizer form

    Currently, fertilizer for palm has four main types:

    Thorn form

    Hemp fertilizer is one of the most suitable products to use for outdoor plants.

    Because this form of fertilizer is not washed away by water and has an extended use time, it is very suitable for perennial crops.

    Besides, if you’re not sure about your blending abilities, an easy-to-use hemp fertilizer will save you from over-application or too minor damage to your landscape plants.

    Capsule form

    Similar to stick fertilizer, capsule fertilizer is also a slow-release fertilizer.

    However, this fertilizer will usually use within 2-3 months, not too long as with the stick form. Besides, some manufacturers use microplastics to wrap the nutrient seeds, which are quite not environmentally friendly.

    Powder fertilizer

    Flour is the oldest form of fertilizer ever on the market.

    Usually, you will dilute the powder in water to create a nutrient solution for the Plant. You can also apply it directly to the soil.

    However, you should consider carefully before using this method because the fertilizer is very easily blown away. Also, root burn may occur if you let the powder come into direct contact with the roots.

    Liquid fertilizer

    Plant roots absorb liquid fertilizers faster than any other form. In addition, this fertilizer can effectively balance the pH in the soil.

    Organic or inorganic fertilizers?

    As the name suggests, the most fundamental difference between organic and inorganic fertilizer for palm trees comes from the ingredients.

    Organic palm tree fertilizers include nutrients derived from organic matter such as leaves, peat, bones, algae, and other natural ingredients.

    Organic fertilizers help provide complete and balanced nutrition. In particular, there are also helpful microorganisms in this fertilizer, such as nitrogen-fixing microorganisms, phosphorus-degrading microorganisms, cellulose-degrading microorganisms, etc. 

    Therefore, organic fertilizer for palm trees can stimulate plant growth and improve the soil, making the soil richer in nutrients and porous.

    Meanwhile, inorganic fertilizers are derived from chemical substances, which exist in the form of mineral salts. The main task of inorganic fertilizers is to provide adequate essential nutrients, promote plant growth.

    However, this form of fertilizer is not sustainable. In particular, if you do not know how to use the correct dose and time, it will most likely cause damage to the potted palms as well as the surrounding soil and water environment.

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    Depending on the type of fertilizer you choose, you can do one of the following:

    Hemp fertilizer: Stick the spikes into the ground at the recommended distance. Before and after finishing, don’t forget to water for optimal humidity.

    • Granular fertilizer: You just need to sprinkle the fertilizer evenly on the soil’s surface around the base of the Plant. After that, you need to use a fine layer of soil to cover the area with fertilizer.
    • Spray fertilizers: Some fertilizers are pre-mixed and ready to use, while others require you to mix them up. With the second type of fertilizer, you need to ensure the correct ratio to maximize the effect.

    For more details, you can refer to the following video: How to fertilize your palm trees” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What are the Dos and Don’ts of Fertilizing Palm Trees?” answer-1=”


    • Fertilize when the soil is moist.
    • Priority should be given to products that contain Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and have additional micronutrients such as Magnesium, Manganese, Iron, etc.
    • It is advisable to check the amount of salt accumulated in the soil before providing nutrients to the Plant.


    • Do not create a large pile of fertilizer around the trunk because it is easy to leave scars on the tree.
    • Do not apply fertilizer directly to the base of the tree.
    • Do not fertilize after pruning.

    Can I use homemade fertilizer for my Palm Tree?

    You can hardly control the nutrient composition when making your fertilizer. Meanwhile, palm trees can only grow best if the fertilizer has the presence of certain nutrients in specific proportions.

    Therefore, a fertilizer specifically for palm trees with a precise ratio is still the more optimal choice.

    How often should I fertilize my Palm Tree?

    Your fertilizer frequency will vary based on the age of the Plant, the weather, and the type of fertilizer you use.

    If you live in a temperate or tropical climate, applying liquid fertilizer 3-4 times a year is the right frequency to help your palm get consistent nutrition.

    Meanwhile, if the climate in your area shortens the growing period, twice a year is the recommended frequency.

    When To Fertilize Palm Trees?

    Normally, you should fertilize your palm when the tree wakes up from hibernation, around the beginning of March every year. During this time, the palm will need plenty of nutrients to thrive in the warm months to come.

    The second time of fertilizing palm tree will be before winter arrives.

    How much to Fertilize your Palm Tree?

    No set number determines how much fertilizer you should use on your brush.

    Each manufacturer, with different ratio formulas, will have different recommendations. Better yet, you should refer to the instructions on the package and consider the tree’s condition and weather conditions to make the most accurate decision.

    How do I make my palm tree greener?

    To make your brush greener, you focus on providing nitrogen to the plant.

    Nitrogen is one of the constituents of chlorophyll, which promotes the growth and development of the leaves of plants.

    Without nitrogen, the palm will lose its green color, the leaves will be small, the young branches will die, and the shoots will be short. Worse, if the plant is also deficient in potassium, the leaves will turn yellow, darken, and fall off a lot.


    Fertilizer for palm is a world of diverse options.

    You may be impressed with the perfect ratio of the Espoma PM4 4-Pound, or prefer organic products like EarthPods Premium. In addition, Miracle-Gro Food Spikes, the best palm fertilizer for the budget, is also a good choice.

    All choices are yours. The best palm tree fertilizer list above is intended as a guide only to help you narrow down your search.

    Hopefully, you will soon find the right product and bring tangible changes to your plants.

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