[Top 11] Best Rose Fertilizer Of 2022 – Our Picks Among Many Options

To improve your quality of life, you can choose to take care of your roses. It is a flower with a unique and seductive scent that will make your life more vivid and attractive. Unlike other flowers, roses require high care techniques as well as nutrition. Therefore, you need to be knowledgeable and know how to take care of them. Choosing the best rose fertilizer is the most effective solution to help your persimmons grow comprehensively.

So which fertilizer should you choose? To answer this question, Swipe Garden would like to send you our best fertilizer collection for rose. We have thoroughly researched and tested all of these products, so you can rest assured to refer to them!

Best Rose Fertilizer: Our Top Picks

If you are busy and cannot read all of our information below, then the comparison chart is a perfect choice. Our following comparison table will provide you with the most basic information about the product, helping you accurately define each product’s role.

Product ImagesProduct NameDetailsEditor's RatingPrice
Jobe’s 09423 Flower & Rose 
  • Weight: 4 pounds

  • Fertilizer type: Seeds

  • Role: Improve soil conditions, resists pests, insects, and drought
  • 4.9Amazon-Check-Price-button
    Espoma RT4 Rose-Tone 
  • Weight: 4 pounds

  • Fertilizer type: Seeds

  • Role: Promote plant growth and produces perfect roses. 
  • 4.9Amazon-Check-Price-button
    Miracle-Gro Plant Food
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds

  • Fertilizer type: Powder

  • Role: Stimulate rose growth.
  • 4.8Amazon-Check-Price-button
    Dr. Earth 707P Fertilizer
  • Weight: 4 pounds

  • Fertilizer type: Organic/grain

  • Role: Improve soil texture
  • 4.8Amazon-Check-Price-button
    BIOADVANCED 701262
  • Weight: 64 ounces

  • Fertilizer type: Seeds

  • Role: Create a balance for the health of the plant
  • 4.8Amazon-Check-Price-button
    BioAdvanced 701110 A
  • Weight: 4 pounds

  • Fertilizer type: Seeds

  • Role: Promote root development, bloom.
  • 4.7Amazon-Check-Price-button
    Ross Rose Fertilizer
  • Weight: 8 ounces

  • Fertilizer type: Seeds

  • Role: Provide nutrients for the roots.
  • 4.7Amazon-Check-Price-button
    Miracle-Gro 3002210
  • Weight: 4.5 lb

  • Fertilizer type: Seeds

  • Role: Promote plants to produce more flowers and give dramatic colors.
  • 4.7Amazon-Check-Price-button
    Espoma PT18 Tone
  • Weight: 18 pounds

  • Fertilizer type: Seeds

  • Role: Enhance the growth of various plants.
  • 4.7Amazon-Check-Price-button
    Schultz Rose Food
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds

  • Fertilizer type: Seeds

  • Role: Promote the growth of flowers
  • 4.6Amazon-Check-Price-button
    Miracle-Gro Watering
  • Weight: 8 ounces

  • Fertilizer type: Seeds

  • Role: Stimulate the growth of the stem.
  • 4.6Amazon-Check-Price-button

    Buying Guide For Best Rose Fertilizers

    The selection of suitable fertilizers is a requirement that you need to make to choose the right products for your plants. So, we have developed a system of criteria below to help you accurately assess the tree’s condition.

    Fertilizer Type

    There are many different forms of fertilizer for you to choose from; each fertilizer has other uses and applies to each specific time. There are three primary forms: liquid, granular, and water spray:

    • Liquid fertilizer: The product is designed to add it directly to the base of the plant for faster absorption and enhanced metabolism. The liquid fertilizers allow you to apply quickly and simply with just one action of disassembly and application.
    • Granular Fertilizer: Granular fertilizer is safer for you and more environmentally friendly. You can use it directly or dissolve it in water.
    • Spray fertilizers: This form of fertilizer makes our application easier and tends to promote rapid growth.

    Rate of NPK

    NPK content is a distinguishing factor that reflects the role and efficiency of use in most fertilizers today. They are specifically through the percentage contained in each different fertilizer. For each element in the NPK formula, there is a specific meaning:

    • Nitrogen: Good for leaf growth, making leaves greener with extended canopies providing impressive resistance to pests.
    • Phosphorus: It is an element that has a significant influence on the development of roots or flowers. This type also helps promote root growth and flowering of plants.
    • Potassium: Contributes to the overall health of plants.

    Organic vs. Non-Organic

    Most organic fertilizers are likely to work more slowly than chemical fertilizers. It makes sense for professional gardeners who want to accelerate the absorption of nutrients for the product, so they should choose chemical fertilizers.

    In contrast, those who prefer stability can choose organic fertilizers. They play an essential role in balancing and stabilizing plant growth.

    Easy To Use

    We believe that your choice of granular rose fertilizer will be better for your use. They are both easy to use and environmentally friendly, and especially not harmful to your health.

    With other fertilizers such as liquid or spray, they are also quite convenient for you. However, at some point, they often cause harmful incidents for all objects around you and even yourself.

    Therefore, you can consider choosing according to our instructions or choosing according to your requirements and wishes. Each product has its characteristics, and the feeling of convenience will depend on each person. Therefore, be more flexible in your choices!


    Price is always a prerequisite and essential factor when making any judgment. And, of course, when choosing fertilizers for roses is no exception.

    You can set up a value comparison table with several different types of favorite products and then evaluate their quality to see if it is practical or not. That way, it can help you find the right product at an impressive cost.

    The Best Rose Fertilizers Review You Can Buy On Amazon

    The growth and development of roses depend largely on care techniques and the number of nutrients you add to them, namely fertilizers.

    Before choosing any product, you need to evaluate and analyze the requirements in each stage of the plant’s development. It has great significance for the efficiency of fertilizer use.

    #1. Jobe’s 09423 Organics Flower & Rose – Best for Granular Fertilizer

    Best Rose Fertilizer - Jobe's 09423 Organics Flower & Rose

    Product’s highlights

    We are impressed with this fertilizer; it is the best granular fertilizer and has a fast decomposition time in the soil. This feature is highly beneficial to the growth and development of roses. So, what factors constitute that miracle?

    Key ingredients in Jobe’s 09423 Organics include healthy fungi and bacteria that break down the matter for faster results.

    They are great for improving soil conditions, helping to resist diseases, pests, and drought during the growing season of crops.

    Moreover, an impressive NPK content of 3 – 5 – 3 is also a prerequisite factor that plays an essential role in developing the canopy, promoting flowering.

    However, you need to fertilize roses with the right amount and at the right time to bring about the desired effect. The recommended time for applying Jobe’s 09423 Organics is approximately every six weeks. 

    Using this recommendation will save you unwanted costs and bring high care efficiency. In addition, with its granular structure and packed in separate bags, the product also gives users convenience and flexibility.


    • The best granular fertilizer
    • Come with an easy-to-use 4-pound bag.
    • Quick decomposition
    • Limit the impact of pests, drought
    • Reasonable price


    • The unpleasant smell when using

    Bottom line

    There are many reasons why you might choose to use Jobe’s 09423 Organics. The ability to decompose quickly to help plants absorb the maximum amount of nutrients, convenient to use, fight pests and enhance plant growth are all that you can get from Jobe’s 09423 Organic fertilizer.

    #2. Espoma RT4 4-Pound Rose Tone – Best for Diverse Nutrients

    Best Rose Fertilizer - Espoma RT4 4-Pound Rose ToneAmazon-Check-Price-button

    Product’s highlights

    The variety in the nutrient content of Espoma RT4 will surely amaze you. Espoma RT4 is a product with mainly natural and organic botanical ingredients enhanced by thousands of live bacteria. 

    Espoma RT4 also possesses 15 nutrients of all kinds with stable levels that play an essential role in plant growth and promote the development of roses.

    The ratio of N P K 4 – 3 – 2 is suitable for plants during the growing season to help plants have complete health and development. The product can even be used for other plants in your garden space, such as pine or peony.

    Moreover, they are also highly eco-friendly and healthy for your health. The operation is effortless, and you just need to sprinkle a sufficient amount around the tree’s base and stir it up with the soil. Thus, it will help plants quickly absorb nutrients and perform metabolism for better growth.

    Another advantage of Espoma RT4 that you need to pay attention to is synchronizing on a particular area. You can choose products for your loving garden space, a garden with a small area and contains many exciting things.


    • Diverse nutrient content
    • Impressive N P K rate
    • Environmental friendliness
    • Safety for the user
    • Stimulates flower growth


    • Unpleasant scent

    Bottom line

    Espoma RT4 is an excellent product for your beloved rose bushes. Using this fertilizer is the treatment to help those flowers grow more comprehensively.

    #3. Miracle-Gro Water Rose – Best for Water Soluble Fertilizer

    Best Rose Fertilizer - Miracle-Gro Water Rose

    Product’s highlights

    If you are looking for a rose fertilizer with impressive water solubility, then Miracle-Gr is not to be missed. Miracle-Gro is limitless in water and gives you a rich blend of nutrients that are good for growth and growth in young plants.

    All you need to do is just pour them in the right amount of water, then use a watering can to evenly distribute them around the base.

    Due to its unique properties and nutritional content, Miracle-Gro is for use throughout the growing season of plants. It plays a vital role in promoting the growth of the canopy and enhancing the flowering effect.

    The best time to use rose fertilizer products for plants is about 1-2 weeks/time.

    In addition, the content of NPK 18 – 24 – 16 allows creating a constant development for the health of the rose. It even helps the growth of roots, leaves, and flowers become stronger.

    In particular, when using Miracle-Gro, you will minimize the product flavor affecting your sense of smell. From there, help you feel comfortable and comfortable when performing your rose care operations.


    • Best water-soluble fertilizer
    • Easy to use
    • Large NPK rate
    • Do not cause unpleasant odors
    • Great for young and tender plants


    • Relatively large price

    Bottom line

    Using Miracle-Gro will bring you fantastic plant care effects. The product acts as a stabilizer and growth booster in most young or soft specimens.

    #4. Earth 707P Organic – Best for Organic Fertilizer

    Best Rose Fertilizer - Earth 707P Organic

    Product’s highlights

    You will need a highly organic fertilizer with a wide variety of ingredients to meet the nutritional needs of your plants during the growing phase. Dr. Earth 707P is the perfect proposal we have for you.

    This fertilizer is made from 100% natural ingredients, and the 3 – 9 – 4 NPK content allows your plants to grow to their fullest potential.

    In addition, the product also plays a vital role in promoting bloom and improving the condition and content of nutrients in the soil.

    Dr. Earth 707P is a non-GMO rose fertilizer with a natural composition and is safe for users and the surrounding environment.

    More specifically at Dr. GMO-free Earth 707P has an impressive effect on improving the overall health of the plants and the size of the roses.

    Besides, the operation of Dr. Earth 707P is also quite simple. You can choose to apply them directly into the soil or soak them for 24 hours before putting them in the soil. In general, both these methods bring high care efficiency for plants. 

    However, you need to be careful to use the correct dosage for each stage of their development to avoid disrupting and affecting the plant’s growth.


    • The best organic fertilizer
    • Improve the overall health of plants
    • Stimulate the growth of roses
    • Safe for users
    • Easy to use


    • Get your pet’s attention

    Bottom line

    Luckily if you choose to use Dr. Earth 707P for my beloved flowers, the effect that the product brings will surely make you admire it. From the shape and size, the flower’s fragrance is what Dr. Earth 707P can get.

    #5. BIO ADVANCED 701262 – Best for Flexible Support

    Best Rose Fertilizer - BIO ADVANCED 701262Amazon-Check-Price-button

    Product’s highlights

    BIO ADVANCED 701262 is the most versatile product on our list of the Best rose fertilizers. The reason we have such a judgment primarily comes from the features and uses of the product.

    In addition to its role as a plant care fertilizer, BIO ADVANCED 701262 is also an ideal pest control and disease control product.

    Of course, beetles are no match for this rose fertilizer. Their destruction is extensive, so you can rest assured about the safety of the plants.

    The advantage of the following role in this product is the ability to kill fungi to control black spot disease on leaves to help the persimmon leaves stay green and grow well. In addition, BIO 701262 also supports the treatment of several other conditions such as powdery mildew, rust, southern blight, and more.

    Besides, the organic fertilizers’ performance versatility is also through the ability to support different crops such as citrus or hibiscus simultaneously.

    The ability to quickly penetrate the roots of the product does not cause any water or waste phenomenon. It is the perfect application to help limit the waste of fertilizer in the process of fertilizing.


    • Flexible support capabilities
    • Suitable for many types of plants
    • Perfect beetle control
    • Do not cause water leakage or waste
    • Enhances overall plant growth


    • Ineffective in the rainy season

    Bottom line

    With the perfection of BIO ADVANCED 701262, we recommend you choose the product for your rose growth. This fertilizer possesses a variety of user-friendly features and will help you save money and effort on fertilizer.

    #6. BioAdvanced 701110A – Best for Budget

    Best Rose Fertilizer - BioAdvanced 701110A

    Product’s highlights

    BioAdvanced 04392 has similar properties to its brother BIO ADVANCED 701110A. However, the budget level to use BioAdvanced 04392 is suitable and friendly for most workers’ pockets today.

    The 22.47 version you choose weighs in at 32 ounces, which is much more compatible and suitable than the 64-ounce version from the brother BIO ADVANCED 701110 A.

    Using BioAdvanced 04392 allows your plants to grow fully and perfectly. Rose Fertilizers can promote rapid root growth and stimulate flowering in plants.

    They even give you the ability to control disease and limit the impact of several different insects.

    Moreover, with the formula, NPK 9 – 14 – 9 is formulated to create BioAdvanced 04392, which stimulates budding and flowering.

    Using the rose fertilizer is also very simple; you just need to pour them directly into the tree to complete the care process. However, you need to consider the dosage of the product for the growth stage of the plant. These two factors need to be compatible with each other.


    • The right budget
    • Flexibility in the role of use
    • Convenience in fertilizing
    • Impressive NPK Formula
    • No strong smell


    • Be harmful to pollinators

    Bottom line

    With a perfect product like BioAdvanced 04392, you cannot help but choose. Using BioAdvanced 04392 will give you more than the meanings we listed earlier.

    #7. Ross Rose & Flowering Shrubs – Best for Large NPK Ratio

    Best Rose Fertilizer - Ross Rose & Flowering Shrubs

    Product’s highlights

    It’s great if you choose to use the Ross Rose & Flowering Shrubs Fertilizer product line. It is the fertilizer with the most impressive NPK ratio in our collection and has received much positive feedback from users.

    The NPK in the product is relatively high, with 15 – 25 – 10 especially good for the growth of plant roots.

    Thereby, it creates favorable conditions for the vigorous growth of the canopy and stimulating flowering plants. In addition, they also play an essential role in providing stability in the color of flowers for alfalfa meals.

    Furthermore, this fertilizer also helps prevent contamination caused by rose fertilizers run-off and costly water waste due to evaporation. Using Ross Rose & Flowering Shrubs is the ideal solution for dry and drought seasons.

    However, to achieve the desired results, you need to learn carefully about the care process and the dosage used for each stage.

    It has great significance for the growth and development of plants. What you need to do is feed rose directly into the soil and water them.


    • Impressive NPK rate
    • Stimulate flowering
    • Promotes root growth
    • Limit exposure to harmful chemicals
    • Easy to use
    • Impressive cost


    • The results are not long-lasting

    Bottom line

    The NPK content is essential for your plant growth. From a consumer perspective, we think that Ross Rose & Flowering Shrubs is a good product, and it is perfectly reasonable for you to choose them.

    #8. Miracle-Gro Plant Food 3002210 – Best for Fower’s Growth

    Best Rose Fertilizer - Miracle-Gro Plant Food 3002210

    Product’s highlights

    Fresh flowers with radiant fragrance will be the most practical proof of your effort and time taking care. Therefore, using rose fertilizers with features that mainly complement the active growth of flowers is our recommendation for you.

    Miracle-Gro Plant Food 3002210 is an excellent nomination for this feature. The product has the effect of promoting plants to produce more flowers with new and attractive colors.

    Much of this effect comes from the impressive composition of the product. The ingredients of Miracle-Gro Plant Food 3002210 are mainly derived from nature with an NPK ratio of 10 – 18 – 9, which is of great significance to the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the soil.

    Thereby it helps your tree’s root ecosystem to grow diversely and impressively, bringing in rose bushes with attractive aromas.

    Moreover, the product has relatively high compatibility with perennial roses and even with small trees. The variety of product features is also one of the factors that attract consumers’ attention.

    The repeated use time for these rose fertilizers is about 2-3 months, depending on the product’s development stage and absorption capacity of bone meal.


    • The best fertilizer for flower growth
    • Convenience to use
    • Safety for the user
    • Impressive design limits toxic exposure
    • Impressive cost


    • Can damage the tree if the instructions are not followed

    Bottom line

    You won’t find any better product than Miracle-Gro Plant Food 3002210 for plant growth. Therefore, consider based on your requirements and wishes to choose the right meaningful product!

    #9. Espoma PT18 Plant Tone – Best for Versatility

    Best Rose Fertilizer - Espoma PT18 Plant Tone

    Product’s highlights

    Espoma PT18 is the perfect suggestion we have for you. The product is capable of fully meeting all your needs with a variety of rose plants in your garden.

    Having that feature comes mainly from the product’s unique biological formula, which plays a role in stimulating plant growth and stimulating flowering.

    For best results, apply rose fertilizers once per month throughout their growing season. Only in this way will the plant grow ideally and balance, bringing fresh flowers to you.

    Moreover, with NPK 5 – 3 – 3, the slow-release fertilizer contributes to the stability and limits the influence from the surrounding environment. Using Espoma PT18 Plant Tone is safe and environmentally friendly because of its natural fertilizer formulation.

    On the other hand, the product can be for your fresh green vegetable garden. Stimulate it to grow and develop better, control the impression of product invasion and bring you nutritious and delicious meals.


    • Suitable for many types of plants
    • Specialized fertilizers
    • Save unnecessary costs
    • Safe and environmentally friendly
    • Enhance flower growth


    • A strong, unpleasant scent

    Bottom line

    It is indeed a pity if you do not choose to use Espoma PT18. This fertilizer model allows you to maximize unnecessary costs and bring high care efficiency.

    #10. Schultz Water Soluble Rose Food – Best for Weatherproofing

    Best Rose Fertilizer - Schultz Water Soluble Rose Food

    Product’s highlights

    Schultz will not have any difficulties; the product is compatible and plays its role in all different weather conditions. Even when it rains, it can still replenish and maintain stability in nutrient content.

    On the other hand, with their high content of micronutrients, they play a role in promoting plant root growth, foliage, and rose size.

    Furthermore, the product’s slow release feature ensures a maximum of 3 months of balanced nutrient replenishment.

    With its texture and features, Schultz can dissolve in water, providing an immediate effect by watering them directly on the base of the plant.

    What you need to do is just measure the exact dose of fertilizer that is compatible with the plant’s growth stage, then mix them with the water available in the watering can and water around the base.

    Moreover, you can use this fertilizer for a larger campus than your garden space. It will meet your maximum use needs most comprehensively.


    • Use with all different weather conditions
    • Soluble in water
    • Quick effect
    • Stimulates growth of plant roots, foliage, and flower size
    • Impressive price


    • Contain many chemicals that can affect health

    Bottom line

    You need an all-weather fertilizer like Schultz. It will serve all your requests in the most friendly and excellent way.

    #11. Miracle-Gro Watering – Best for Trunk Growth

    Best Rose Fertilizer - Miracle-Gro WateringAmazon-Check-Price-button

    Product’s highlights

    Compared to other fertilizers in the collection, we are most pleased with Miracle-Gro Watering and its ability to promote plant growth. They can enhance the development of high-grade stems twice as much as conventional fertilizers.

    To explain this feature, we found that Miracle-Gro Watering contains various essential nutrients with appropriate concentrations.

    Thereby, this plant food assists in balancing plants’ growth and enhancing overall health against pests and harmful factors from the environment.

    On the other hand, you can easily mix them with water with a balanced dose with the handy small package design. It even helps ensure user safety and is environmentally friendly.

    However, to achieve the best results, you need to strictly follow the instructions regarding the dosage and duration of use of the product.

    The recommended time for fertilizing healthy roses is about 1-2 weeks/time. That way, you can help you get fresh flowers with radiant fragrance.

    In addition, the cost to buy fertilizer is also highly ideal. For only about $8.48, you have the opportunity to get yourself a specialized product that can take excellent care of stem growth.


    • Best for stem growth
    • Reasonable price
    • Enhances overall plant health
    • Easy to use
    • Easy to spread


    • Odor when used

    Bottom line

    The more beautiful the stem, the more beautiful our flower will look overall, which is why we want you to choose Miracle-Gro Watering. It is the only solution to help you get the flowers you want.


    We have built the set of frequently asked questions below in the hope that it can help you see the problem correctly and understand more deeply the use-value of each type of fertilizer.

    How To Fertilize Rose Plants?

    The answer to this question largely depends on the type of fertilizer you choose. With each type of fertilizer, there will be a separate way to apply it.

    For example, with granules, you can use them directly to the base of the plant or dissolve them with water. As for the liquid form is only possible to apply them now to the tree’s base.

    You can thoroughly read them through the instructions for use printed on the package to fertilize. They will help you better understand the issue.

    How Often To Fertilize Roses?

    A general rule of thumb for a regular fertilizing pattern, specifically granular fertilizers, is every 2-3 weeks during the growing season, every 4-6 weeks for granular fertilizer.

    During your plant’s first growing season, it’s a good idea to use a liquid fertilizer or a water-soluble fertilizer to make sure the plant can best absorb that nutrient content.

    With the next growing season of the tree, you can choose the type of fertilizer depending on your own needs. However, you also need to pay attention to their fertilizer dosage to minimize the bad conditions of plants.

    When Is The Best Time To Fertilize Roses?

    The best time to fertilize roses is in the spring. At that time, the weather is humid and pleasant, and the soil is fertile with a significant content of beneficial microorganisms suitable for the absorption of nutrients in plants.

    The effect will be for plants if you use liquid fertilizers; it will help the process of decomposition and absorption ideally.

    However, this does not mean that we cannot fertilize in other seasons of the year. You can completely fertilize in different seasons of the year if that’s when the plants are thriving.

    More to read: Fertilizing Roses In Winter – Should Or Should Not?

    How do you know if roses need fertilizer?

    Iron is an essential element for growth and development in plants so that you can supplement iron levels during the most vigorous stages of plant growth. Only then can we fully meet the growing needs of the plant.

    You can tell when plants need iron by their leaves. When their leaves turn yellow with green veins, that’s when you should be aware of iron supplements for them.

    We can also infer the same with other substances, for example, when the plant lacks phosphorus, for example, the signal is shown in detail through slow growth, not increasing in size at a particular time. These signs can help you recognize the requirements of plants and proceed to fertilize them.

    What nutrients do roses need most?

    Like other plants, organic earth rose needs three primary nutrients: nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, and some trace elements.

    They are nutrients that are important for plant growth and development. Furthermore, they also help balance the overall health of leaves, roots, and flowers for a good care effect.

    What Alternatives Can I Use to Rose Fertilizers?

    You can use many different methods instead of using fertilizers. Typically, the use of white vinegar with water, in this way can create an acidic solution for the earth organic rose.

    More to read: Should I Apply Rose Fertilizer On Other Plants?

    What is The Best Soil Condition For Roses?

    Humus soil is the best soil for the growth and development of plants because humus soil has good drainage and is ideal for root development.

    When the roots develop, it will be a solid foundation for the plant’s growth in size and height. In particular, they also play an essential role in forming roses with unique and attractive colors.

    However, you should not stop taking care of them because of that. Your rose plant will grow completely if lived in the ideal loamy soil environment with an adequate care regimen.

    How do I get more flowers on my roses?

    Fertilizers with specialized benefits in stimulating flowering and increasing flower size are the first solution to help you get more flowers. Combined with fertilizer is a particular care regimen that will help you have more flowers.

    When should I stop fertilizing my Roses?

    Stop fertilizing roses about six weeks before winter arrives. In areas with cool climates, it is recommended to stop fertilizing around the end of August. Conversely, in areas with slightly hot climates, fertilizer can be around October.


    The information about the best rose fertilizer that we have provided above can help you more deeply identify each different fertilizer’s features.

    From there, it can help you choose the suitable fertilizer model for your home plants. Use it, and don’t forget to leave us feedback!

    If you have further questions about gardening, please feel free to ask us at our site! Thank you for reading!

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