About Us

The Swipe Garden story

Our story began in 1999 when Mike and I established a retirement business from our beautiful gardens set back in the hills of southwest Portland Oregon where my friend was working as a groundskeeper. We wanted to share our knowledge for rare trees shrubs or vines so we did just that with Swipe Garden – a small project which aimed at making every garden “bloom” new plants by giving them love whenever you swipe over.

We were primarily interested in citrus fruit like orange at this time but had plenty more questions than answers since their such delicate species often difficult care intermediates requiring special attention; however despite knowing very little about growing these particular types – due mainly because there weren’t many other people who grew them.

By that time, we had expanded our product line to include hundreds of different varieties of these lovely citrus tree with the participation of new team members. Mike and I had long dreamed of expanding our product line to include hundreds of different varieties, but this was nothing short of forward-thinking! The internet also gave us the opportunity for research on rare species around the world as well as communicate with other collectors who shared similar interests.

Our company thrived under the leadership of this enthusiastic team cultivating a remarkable band of devoted members both locally and online, all eager to learn from unrivaled knowledge about citrus tree- an ever-changing world that is never-ending with new information coming out every day.

I think everyone can agree on one thing: business has changed! We at Swipe Garden know there’s no better way for us than by spreading love through our website as well because it was designed thanks in part to Mike who brought his own passion into everything he did , while George and I provide nurturing care alongside them

“Although the business has changed, we at Swipe Garden continue to do what it does best.” Though you can no longer tour Portland’s impressive gardens with your own eyes (they are now closed), this doesn’t mean that our team is going anywhere! We’ve always been about acquiring new botanical information and sharing it so people like us have access.

We’re excited to announce that the Swipe Garden website now includes more than just Citrus tree! As custodians of this special place, we continue our rigorous investigation into all fruit trees. We investigate tips like these with careful scrutiny before giving them back out through our website (or other social media channels).

Whether it’s advice on how to keep cut hydrangeas fresh in a vase or which backpack leaf blower to buy, we’ve got you covered.

You’ve got to love a company that goes all-in on the word “blooming.” What better way is there than by giving our customers great advice and service, whether they’re looking for new ways to keep cut hydrangeas fresh in vases or help with choosing backpack leaf blowers?

We hope you liked learning more about “what makes us blooming” as much as we did share it with you.

Kelly & The Whole Swipe Garden team.