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The Swipe Garden story

Our story began in 1999 when Mike and I established a retirement business from our beautiful gardens set back in the hills of southwest Portland Oregon where my friend was working as a groundskeeper. We wanted to share our knowledge of rare trees shrubs or vines so we did just that with Swipe Garden – a small project which aimed at making every garden “bloom” new plants by giving them love whenever you swipe over.

Our company thrived under the leadership of this enthusiastic team cultivating a remarkable band of devoted members both locally and online, all eager to learn from unrivaled knowledge about citrus tree- an ever-changing world that is never-ending with new information coming out every day.

I think everyone can agree on one thing: business has changed! We at Swipe Garden know there’s no better way for us than by spreading love through our website as well because it was designed thanks in part to Mike who brought his own passion into everything he did , while George and I provide nurturing care alongside them

“Although the business has changed, we at Swipe Garden continue to do what it does best.” Though you can no longer tour Portland’s impressive gardens with your own eyes (they are now closed), this doesn’t mean that our team is going anywhere! We’ve always been about acquiring new botanical information and sharing it so people like us have access.

We’re excited to announce that the Swipe Garden website now includes more than just Citrus tree! As custodians of this special place, we continue our rigorous investigation into all fruit trees. We investigate tips like these with careful scrutiny before giving them back out through our website (or other social media channels).

Whether it’s advice on how to keep cut hydrangeas fresh in a vase or which backpack leaf blower to buy, we’ve got you covered.

You’ve got to love a company that goes all-in on the word “blooming.” What better way is there than by giving our customers great advice and service, whether they’re looking for new ways to keep cut hydrangeas fresh in vases or help with choosing backpack leaf blowers?

We hope you liked learning more about “what makes us blooming” as much as we did share it with you.

Kelly & The Whole Swipe Garden team.

Kelly Lawrence

Kelly Lawrence - Swipe Garden

Hello, I’m Kelly Lawrence from Swipe Garden is here! Two years after graduating with a Journalism major, I had the opportunity to apply my experiences to become the founder and executive content writer of this gardening blog.

Above all, with a strong passion for houseplants, I have started to collect more than 100 varieties of houseplants. From the first pot of azaleas to a huge “collection” like today, I have accumulated a lot of experiences, including failures and successes.

More than anyone, gardening is not only my hobby; it is also my spiritual belief and the motivation for me to create this website, where I have the opportunity to share my experiences with beginners. Because I understand the difficulty and hardship of cultivating the living sprouts, I hope that the useful information of the team and me will be a guide to help you find inspiration in gardening.

To see more informational knowledge that I have shared, please visit this blog here.

Kelly Lawrence

Janet Rory Narcissus

Janet Rory Narcissus is a Master Gardener and an author with more than 15 years of experience caring for both perennial and annual plants in the fields of sustainable and urban farming.


Janet Rory Narcissus was a journalist. During her studies at Columbia University, she was active in telling people’s stories. Her university education also assisted her in writing a gardening blog in which she shared her passion and desire to grow plants. She decided to pursue her higher education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst Stockbridge and her MBA at Kansas State University.

She has experience writing for many journal companies. Currently, she is also a member of the team of highly experienced experts at Swipegarden, a gardening blog that promotes affordable, eco-friendly gardening. She has written extensively on the topics of sustainable gardening and urban farming, including best practices, advice for beginners, and environmental implications.

With a desire to educate and inform green enthusiasts. She hopes everyone has a chance to develop a love for gardening, and Swipegarden can be a platform to help people and inspire them to be greener and more passionate about gardening.


A has a long and impressive academic background, starting with her Journalism degree from Columbia University in 1982. She received her Bachelor of Plant and Soil Sciences degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst Stockbridge in Amherst, Massachusetts, in 1990 and her Master of Agribusiness and Professional Master of Business Administration in 2007 at Kansas State University

About the Swipegarden

The website is filled with guides and tips for newcomers, beginners, and gardeners who love gardening. She also writes a blog about organic gardening and shares her experience with organic gardening. If you want to know more about organic gardening, you can check out the website at swipegarden.com.

Janet Rory Narcissus