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The 4 Best Grow Lights For Monstera of 2023

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Are you looking for the best grow light for Monstera? When growing Monstera plants indoors, providing the right lighting conditions is crucial for their health and growth.

But these tropical beauties cannot live in direct sunlight. So you need a grow light. This guide will explore the top contenders and their features and benefits. Hence, you can give your Monstera the optimal lighting sources.

So, let’s dive into this post for more details!

Our Top Picks

  1. Best Overall: SANSI PAR30 LED Bulb
  2. Best Performance: SANSI Panel LED Grow Light
  3. Best Setting: VIVOSUN Tri-Head LED Grow Lights
  4. Best Coverage: VIPARSPECTRA LED Grow Light

Best Overall: SANSI PAR30 LED Bulb



Wattage36 watts
Weight0.836 lb
Lifespan 25,000 hours

Product highlights

I bought these two SANSI PAR30 LED bulbs last winter. And my Monstera plants love them!

In an area with long and cold winters, I often have trouble getting enough sunlight for my houseplants. But with these grow lights, my plants have grown well and been healthy even in the darkest months.

I was impressed with the lighting performance of these lights when I turned them on. They were bright, which was what I needed in my apartment. Their 36-watt brightness mimics sunlight, creating an ideal environment to grow my Monsteras. I usually left these bulbs on for about 4-6 hours a day, and my plants thrived in their light.

Besides, these full-spectrum lights with 400 nm–780 nm are not the same as conventional pink or blue lights. The colours are like diffused sunlight, beautifully enhancing my plants. The bulb runs quite cool due to the ceramic plate design. This design has an outstanding advantage over traditional aluminium LED heatsinks. Hence, I am not afraid of my plants burning their leaves with high heat.

Overall, it is the best investment, and I believe it will help you achieve significant results in your indoor gardening journey.


  • High brightness
  • Full spectrum
  • Cool running
  • Easy installation


  • Require a sturdy lamp or fixture

Best Performance: SANSI Panel LED Grow Light

SANSI Panel LED Grow Light


Wattage30 watts
Weight1.21 pounds
Lifespan 25,000 hours

Product highlights

I have a small collection of Monstera plants in my room, and this SANSI LED 90-degree panel lighting device with an E26 base design has been instrumental in promoting new growth for them.

First, the installation process is easy. It had everything needed to set it up. Also, this lighting device itself exudes a sense of solidity and durability. I can say right away that this device is made to last. Second, I like the impressive light. It’s incredibly bright for gardening indoors, especially in my dark room. 

But it’s important to note that this device generates heat. So caution should be exercised, especially with new growth. Nevertheless, maintaining an appropriate distance between the plants and the appropriately sized grow light ensures that the temperature remains manageable.

In short, this device compensated for the lack of natural sunlight and allowed my Monstera plants to thrive in my apartment.


  • Easy installation
  • Excellent build quality
  • Impressive lighting output
  • Effective growth promotion


  • Produce heat

Best Setting: VIVOSUN Tri-Head LED Grow Lights

VIVOSUN Tri-Head LED Grow Lights


Wattage60 watts
Weight‎3.26 pounds
Lifespan 30,000 hours

Product highlights

Next, let me share my experience using VIVOSUN Tri-Head LED grow lights on the Monstera plants in my apartment.

I must say, I am impressed with this LED lighting device and the results it has produced. I knew I had made a great choice from the moment I put it together. Also, its elegant 360° adjustable gooseneck design complements any room I place it in, adding a touch of sophistication to my indoor gardening space. Its unique shape is eye-catching and enhances the overall aesthetic of my setup.

Its standout feature is its customization. Its full spectrum has three different light settings with blue, red, and white wavelengths for flowers, fruiting, and the photosynthesis process. This flexibility is a huge advantage, as I can easily adjust the lighting based on the specific needs of my plants at different growth stages.

In addition, it provides the perfect spectrum to support their growth and encourage lush foliage. It revived my plants and brought them back to life. But I have one complaint. I wish it had the option to have individual red or blue lights. Currently, the lights only allow a combination of red, blue, or white settings.

The light emitted by LED bulbs is powerful and efficient, promoting vigorous growth and overall plant health. Thus, its price is reasonable considering its outstanding quality and 30,000-hour use.


  • Simple assembly
  • Elegant design
  • Reasonable price
  • Have three different light settings


  • Limited colour options

Best Coverage: VIPARSPECTRA LED Grow Light



Wattage100 watts
Weight‎3.7 Pounds

Product highlights

The final pick on this list is VIPARSPECTRA LED, with the broadest coverage, for growing my Monstera indoors.

I set aside a separate room in my apartment to gather my Monsteras to test this device. And I love it because my plants thrive under this device. But note that this option is suitable for ample space with some Monsteras for maximum performance.

What impressed me was the positive response from my Monstera plants. They can grow and be healthy under this device, exhibiting healthy growth and lush foliage. Furthermore, my eyes are grateful for the balanced 660nm full spectrum of red light, 3000K of white light, and IR LED that is provided by this VIPARSPECTRA LED lighting device. Unlike other lights that flood the space with overwhelming red, blue, or purple light, this type of grow light creates a pleasant environment in my solarium.

Besides, I’m glad it doesn’t have a fan blowing, which gives me more relief. Also, the integrated heatsinks dissipate heat efficiently, keeping the lights cooler than I expected without a cooling fan. This feature protects my plants from extreme heat and ensures a quieter and more comfortable growing environment.

Also, I like its dimming feature. The adjustable ability allows me to cater to the different growth stages of my Monstera plants. Yet, I still wish there were more dimming options to adjust the brightness. After using this LED grow light for six months, I can say that it has been a reliable and hassle-free experience.


  • Broad coverage
  • Have dimming feature
  • Balanced spectrum
  • No fan noise


  • Not suitable for small spaces


This best grow light for Monstera list includes products from three brands: SANSI, VIVOSUN, and VIPARSPECTRA. These names are already very familiar to the indoor plant enthusiast community.

Among them, I am impressed with the SANSI Panel LED grow light, which has the best overall performance. Hence, you can help your houseplants have the optimal lighting conditions to grow and show off their vibrant foliage. Try it now!


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Mike Rastus-Josiah

Mike Rastus-Josiah

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