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Our mission is to convey the right and creative knowledge regarding gardening to our readers.

Who would you like to write gardening articles for? This is a great chance for you to become our editor and write about our gardening. If you are interested in our site, you can check it out below.

Who can write for us?

We always welcome exceptional writers who are eager to share their passion, experiences, and creative tips for gardening. You can add more value to Swipe Garden.

The topics we accept at Swipe garden

Gardening is a huge topic. You cannot figure out what your input should revolve around. Check out the list below for ideas.

  • Plants and flowers to grow for your garden.
  • A suitable toolkit for your garden.
  • Gardening tips.
  • Gardener facts.
  • Gardening recipes.
  • DIY projects.
  • Buying guides.
  • Personal gardening experiences.
  • Gardening tools.

Swipe Garden Write For Us Guidelines

Before delivering the finished product, our partners must follow a certain number of requirements. Here are some requirements for you to help us contribute to the site’s development:


 Articles for guest posts should be at least 1,000 words long and no more than 1500 words.

Article information

The article should be relevant to gardening; off-topic posts won’t be accepted or published. Our expert editorial staff will review your content before publication. We want the article’s information to be detailed and engaging because the target audience is real people. The tone used in the article should also be engaging and conversational, making readers want to read more.


The writers must add at least one photo to their content (5 pictures is the maximum). The image you include should be clear, and its quality should be high-definition. The size of each compressed image should be less than 200 kB. The resolution should be at least 700 pixels in width and 450 pixels in length.


Before writing for us, please consider the following requirements:

  • Article topic: The topics should be informative, engaging, original, and gardening relevant.

  • Titles: All the claims made in the article should be included. 

  • Headings: Articles should include H2, H3, and H4 appropriately. The content should be broken into the proper section. FAQs are optional and use only paragraph format (no lists, no videos, no images).

  • Writing styles: The information must be transparent, inspiring, and easy to understand. Articles should be well organized with appropriate headings and section breaks to help readers find the information they need quickly and easily. The content of the article should also not violate US law. We can accept a few grammatical or spelling errors! Too many grammar mistakes will result in your banishment from our site.

  • Meta description: About 140–160 characters (including spaces) is used to get people to click through to the article for more information.


We will not tolerate writers who plagiarize the work of others. You must have written it. It has never been seen in print before and is completely original. We would never publish anything that was already freely available online or had been stolen from another source (we use Google, plagiarism checkers, and Copyscape Premium). We believe that everyone else’s efforts should be respected. For this reason, it is crucial for all writers who give us their work to verify its authenticity.


Guest post links should be included in the article, and links to the original source should also be provided. Outbound links from guest posts can be included in the article, and they should be relevant to the content on our site. The pages with the links should have a DA of at least 70, and the body of the article can link to some internal and external references. 

Content Rejected:

  • We do not allow any Adult Content.

  • The writer cannot add Author Bio or About Author.

  • The writer does not get any link for the adult page.

How to Submit for Guest Blogging?

We appreciate your interest in this topic. Our website provides a platform for you to share your thoughts and experiences with us. We eagerly await your contributions.

When you want to share your blogs, please send them to us at [email protected].

After submitting the article, it will be reviewed to see if it is unique before publication.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you!