8 Best Fertilizer For Bermuda Grass Reviews & Buying Guide

Bermuda grass is here to offer you a full, thick, and soft lawn in any growing condition. With the best fertilizer for Bermuda grass, this low-maintenance grass can grow healthily and ensure the best-looking appearance of your garden.

The right fertilizer should provide a good combination of potassium, and nitrogen with no phosphorus. However, it is hard to measure your chosen fertilizer’s effects as they take time. 

That’s why we are here to give you a compilation of the best products. Keep following us to get the right shot.

Best Fertilizer For Bermuda Grass Buying Guide

Fertilizer Types

There is a wide range of fertilizer types on the market. But overall, they come in three main ones: liquid, water-soluble, and granular, each with unique benefits and drawbacks.

Liquid fertilizers are the best product to provide your Bermuda grass with a quick nutrient burst. This is mainly because they come in concentrated and full-strength forms. You can easily spread the fertilizer with a hose-end dispenser and a pump sprayer.

Easy application allows gardeners to frequently feed their grass and let the fertilizer absorb into it more quickly.

Granular fertilizers are often in the form of tiny pebbles when applied with a push-type spreader. Unlike the former type, this one doesn’t offer a quick fix. Instead, it shows longer-lasting effects and requires less frequent applications.

The last fertilizer type is water-soluble, which tends to come in packages of sand-like bits. This product can dissolve in the water quickly and work best with a hose-end dispenser.

Thanks to these fertilizing characteristics, you can water and feed the grass at once. Water-soluble products are also best suited for small lawns.

NPK Ratio

Most fertilizers are expected to offer a great combination of three main ingredients: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Nitrogen is used to stimulate green leaves to grow while phosphorus boosts flowering and fruiting production. The last ingredient supports overall health.

Good fertilizers for your grass should have a high proportion of nitrogen, a small potassium amount, and little phosphorus content. A 16-8-0 ratio will be a great one you can look for.

Organic Vs. Synthetic

Natural or organic fertilizers show a blend of non-chemical nutrients like compost, poultry manure, earthworm castings, and livestock manure. 

As those ingredients require more effort to collect and treat to make fertilizers, this type is more expensive than other standard ones. Most organic fertilizers are granular, which won’t harm aquatic life when draining off into water sources.

Synthetic fertilizers comprise chemicals and artificial versions of natural ingredients. That’s why they tend to have concentrated nutrients like nitrogen, sulfur, and potassium.

The problem is that excess runoff from those products can pollute the waterways and harm aquatic life.

Fertilizer Vs. Weed And Feed

Weed and feed products are a blend of a plant killer and a plant nourisher. Thanks to this formula, they can get the job done in the nick of time and effortlessly.

However, if you want a beautiful and drought-tolerant lawn, choosing a standard fertilizer with feeding and de-weeding separately would be better.

Top 8 Best Fertilizer For Bermuda Grass Reviews

#1. Simple Lawn Solutions Energizer-Grass Micronutrient Booster – Best Overall

Key Features

  • Item form: liquid
  • Types of grass: All types
  • Easy use: 4.5/5
  • Easy spread: 4.5/5
  • Value for money: 5/5

Simple Lawn Solutions

Thanks to its nitrogen-focused formula, easy use, and 32-ounce spray jug, the natural Simple Lawn Solutions deserves our top pick. This fertilizer is best suited for a tired Bermuda Grass lawn.

The label shows that the product comes with micronutrients and liquid iron. Those components are available to offer your lawn a great boost of needed nitrogen.

This way, your Bermuda lawn can have enough nutrients in the spring to bear unexpected frost after the winter while showing extra support against the intense heat and constant use.

As a commercial-grade booster treatment, this fertilizing product can handle a large lawn of up to 3200 square feet. The handy hose-end spray will surely save you from laborious gardening work.

Besides Bermuda grass, you can use this one to feed a wide range of grasses, including Buffalo, Bahia, Centipede, and Florida Palmetto. 

To fully exploit the fertilizer’s effects and ensure optimal treatment absorption, don’t forget to water your grass thoroughly within an applied day. All you have to do is attach the jug and spray the entire lawn evenly.

The only drawback of this excellent product is that it cannot treat grass disease or weed out pests. Due to its natural ingredients, the fertilizer strengthens the roots and keeps the lawn greener and darker without eliminating weed infestation.


  • Works with various kinds of grasses
  • Comes with a great blend of macro and micronutrients
  • Boosts the roots’ health and lawn invigoration
  • Easy to use  and spread
  • Safe and well-packaged


  • Cannot treat diseases or pests

#2. Scotts Southern Turf Builder Lawn Food – Best For Large Lawns

Key Features

  • Item form: granular
  • Types of grass: Southern lawns
  • Easy use: 4.5/5
  • Easy spread: 4.5/5
  • Value for money: 4.5/5

Scotts Southern Turf Builder Lawn Food

If you own a large-sized Bermuda lawn and struggle to feed and care for it, Scotts Southern Turf builder lawn food is your salvage. With a net weight of up to 28.5 pounds and a perfect NPK ratio of 32-0-10, the product can cover up to 10,000 square feet when working with a push-type spreader!

The texture of this grass food is fine and easy to absorb. You only need a regular lawn spreader and spray the formula according to the directions on the label. The fertilizer is also suitable for any type of grass besides Bermuda so that you can use it for your whole garden. Now treating a huge lawn is more effortless and will save you a hassle.

This granular fertilizer provides gardeners with both immediate and long-lasting results to ensure a greener, thicker, and stronger lawn. The product shows a very high nitrogen concentration to improve the grass’s moisture absorption level. 

Much-needed nitrogen also strengthens the lawn’s health and allows it to withstand heat and drought easily. Your garden will no longer look pale or patchy with the green and dark Bermuda grass.

After applying the fertilizer, walking and playing on the grass is also safe. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your pets or children playing around.

In the long run, the product offers the garden a strong defense against any infection or pest damage, thanks to its potassium content. Weeds are also crowded out to leave a stunning and carpet-like look.

Due to the high nitrogen density, you should not apply in hot weather and remember to water it slightly. 

Also, it would be better not to use this one on heavily-fertilized soil. Or else, it can cause an overdose to the grass and make it pale.


  • Allows even distribution of treatment
  • Protects against extreme weather conditions
  • Improves water and nutrient absorption
  • Works in any weather


  • Not suitable for heavily-fertilized soils

#3. Scotts EZ Seed Patch And Repair Bermuda Grass – Best For Quick Absorption

Key Features

  • Item form: water-soluble
  • Types of grass: all types
  • Easy use: 4/5
  • Easy spread: 4/5
  • Value for money: 4/5

Scotts EZ Seed Patch And Repair

The Scotts EZ Seed Patch And Repair Bermuda Grass comes with an express formula to support, patch, and repair the seeds in the shortest time.

This is mainly thanks to the combination of seed and slow-release feed. The combination ensures an impressive 6X water absorption in weight and promotes jumpstart growth. Those having little time to care for their Bermuda lawn, or having kids and pets around, will surely love this product.

There is no need to reshape or take too much care of your lawn. Whether your Bermuda grass grows on hills, slopes, or frequently gets high traffic; the fertilizer can strengthen the roots and keep the patch in place.

The fertilizer also provides each seed with a tacky and protective coating. This layer is strong enough to prevent the seeds from being washed away by intense waterways. Besides, no disease or pest can attack the seedlings with this extra protection.

Apply the formula to the affected area, water it thoroughly and deeply to help your lawn fully grow in scorching heat, high-traffic, and dry areas. 

Due to its repairing nature, the product is not for use in large-scale projects, though.


  • Shows a perfect combination of seed, mulch, and fertilizer
  • Comes with a patented seed technology to boost germination
  • Protects seedlings from unwanted pest or disease attacks


  • Not ideal for large-scale projects

#4. Scott Turf Builder Starter Food For New Grass – Best For Newly Grown Grass

Key Features

  • Item form: granular
  • Types of grass: newly planted grass
  • Easy use: 4.5/5
  • Easy spread: 5/5
  • Value for money: 4/5

Scott Turf Builder Starter Food

Newly grown grass is weak and susceptible to external factors and weather conditions. That’s why you need to use Scott Turf Builder Starter Food, one of the necessary fertilizers to keep your grass growing stronger.

The product comes with a great combination of nitrogen and phosphorus with a nearly equal ratio (24-25-4). Thanks to this ideal ratio, your new lawn can absorb water and nutrients 35% more quickly and effectively.

With adequate potassium, the roots will likely grow stronger and can stand on any harsh soil. The ingredients also allow gardeners to nourish seeds in yellowing areas as well.

To ensure optimal results, you need to use a Scotts seed spreader to have the work done effortlessly and evenly. After application, it would be best to water the treated areas more than recommended.

This can help the seed germinate evenly, have a better-established root, and avoid scorching. Overall, a pack of fertilizer is expected to cover an area of up to 5000 square feet.

When using this product, you need to water the seeds constantly to avoid grass burns.


  • Equal ratio of phosphorus and nitrogen for nutrient-poor soils
  • Ideal for new sod and reseeded areas
  • Easy to dissolve and absorb


  • Needs frequent watering after application

#5. The Andersons Professional PGF Complete Fertilizer – Best For Professional-Grade Quality

Key Features

  • Item form: granular
  • Types of grass: all types
  • Easy use: 5/5
  • Easy spread: 5/5
  • Value for money: 4/5

The Andersons Professional PGF Complete Fertilizer

With The Andersons Professional PGF Complete Fertilizer, your dream of a sports turf and golf course grass is ready to come true with no heavy price tag, thanks to the professional Bermuda grass treatment!

The product features ultra-fine particles with slow-release effects for twice the coverage. Those particles allow the grass to digest more food and thus spread evenly and quickly. 

The slow-release formula saves you from various drug-application times. With this fertilizer, you only have to feed the lawn once every two months!

There should be no complaint about the product’s ingredients. It comes with a 16-4-8 NPK ratio with higher nitrogen density and phosphorus. 

This enables the roots to absorb more water and nutrients and establish a strong base. The leaves are also greener and darker despite the weather conditions. With this nutrient supply, your lawn coats a vivid green and stays strong to resist high traffic just like a real golf course.

Also, fulvic and humic acids are available in the ingredient lists. Those components are the key to processing the nutrients in your grass. For this support, your lawn can exploit the fertilizer optimally and grow fully.

To use this fertilizer, you should apply it over dry grass evenly. Then, don’t forget to water it thoroughly to let the nutrients absorb into the soil. During the growing season, let’s feed the lawn every 6 to 8 weeks.

The only complaint is that the product doesn’t work well with severely ailing lawns. As the nitrogen accumulation is insufficient to serve those areas, you will need to find another one with more nitrogen to deal with those lawns.


  • Low nitrogen strength for easy spread
  • Large coverage of 5000 square feet
  • GD technology to penetrate root zones deeply


  • Not used for severely ailing lawns that need much nitrogen

#6. Super Juice All-in-One Soluble Supplement Lawn Fertilizer – Best For Green Profusion

Key Features

  • Item form: granular
  • Types of grass: all types
  • Easy use: 4/5
  • Easy spread: 4/5
  • Value for money: 4/5

Super Juice All-in-One Soluble Supplement

Super Juice All-in-One Soluble Supplement Lawn Fertilizer is one of the top picks for instant greening results. Specifically, the absorption will take place within the first 1 – 4 hours. And you can notice a significant transformation into a deep green lawn after 5 – 12 days. The product promises to make your pale and patchy lawn greener and stronger in the nick of time.

There are two main steps to get this expected effect. First, you need to use a carbon-based HumiChar soil amendment to improve soil conditions. Then, apply the Andersons 10-10-10 and top with this supplement. 

This combination can keep your lawn green and thick all year round, even during the winter. If you don’t want to prepare so many ingredients like that, using our recommendation separately can also work wonders.

This supplement tends to prove its effect within the promised time thanks to its 14-2-4 NPK and iron addition. Those components make the soil absorb this water-soluble more quickly through roots and foliar intake.

Follow the directions to blend the ratio and mix it with hot water to apply to your lawn. All the work is easily done with a hose-end hand sprayer. Make sure to apply when the weather is fine.

This excellent product comes at a high price, so you need to consider your budget before picking one.


  • Iron-rich supplement to boost grass growth
  • Immediate nutrient intake
  • Quick to absorb and use
  • Large coverage


  • Pricey

#7. Pennington Smart Seed Bermuda Grass Fertilizer Mix – Best For Sunny Lawns

Key Features

  • Item form: grass seed + fertilizer mix
  • Types of grass: southern sunny grass
  • Easy use: 3.5/5
  • Easy spread: 4/5
  • Value for money: 3.5/5

Pennington Smart Seed Bermuda Grass Fertilizer Mix

Pennington Smart Seed Bermuda Grass Fertilizer Mix is a great choice for lawns growing in more temperate climates in the south. This Bermuda grass receives at least 8 hours of sun each day and needs a high nitrogen concentration to grow and spread vigorously.

That’s what the Pennington fertilizer can bring about. This product includes a small quantity of secondary cool-season seeds. Thanks to this content, you can get a much earlier and longer-lasting result with more stable soil. 

Planting the grass and feeding it with this fertilizer in spring and early summer will reveal the results in less than 14 days. The innovation and new seed technology offer you twice the coverage and results, leading to earlier germination.

With a small amount of formula, your Bermuda grass is also equipped with the necessary protective layers against exceptional heat, high traffic, and droughts. There is no need to worry about weeds or fests, so you don’t have to take too much care of the lawn.

Nevertheless, when applying this fertilizer, you must moisturize the treated area by watering the grass daily until the blades grow to three inches tall.


  • Includes cool-season companion seeds for much earlier colors
  • Covers up to 5000 square feet
  • Reasonable price


  •  Requires daily watering

#8. PetraTools 16-4-8 Liquid Fertilizer – Best For Extremely Hot Climates

Best Fertilizer For Bermuda Grass
Key Features

  • Item form: liquid
  • Types of grass: all types
  • Easy use: 4/5
  • Easy spread: 4/5
  • Value for money: 4/5

PetraTools 16-4-8 Liquid Fertilizer

Although Bermuda grass can grow in almost any weather condition, extremely hot climates in southern areas can still curb its growth and cause a patchy and pale look. That’s where PetraTools 16-4-8 Liquid Fertilizer comes in handy.

The product offers a two-pronged approach that raises the amount of nitrogen content in your Bermuda lawns. This liquid feed enables users to have instant nitrogen hit to provide enough nutrients, water, and stability to the roots. 

A slow nitrogen release is also available to keep the growth rate higher. Besides, the treatment also comes with various humic and potash acids. 

Those ingredients promise robust growth and boost the lawn’s health by encouraging root formation. Thanks to this perfect combination, your grass will surely combat the extreme heat in southern climates.

There is no worry about pet and kids activities. Applying the feed to the grassy space doesn’t cause any health impact. Instead, it can keep your turf always voluminous and green.

Using this feed should not cause any difficulty. You need to mix 5 pounds of the formula per one gallon of water and spray evenly. It is possible to repeat this mixture for two weeks to have the desired vibrancy of density and color.

What lets us down about this product is its maintenance. You need to store it carefully due to its easy evaporation. 


  • Includes both slow-release and quick-release nitrogen
  • Covers up to 12,800 square feet
  • Comes with macronutrients for optimal growth


  • Easy to evaporate

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Fertilize Bermuda Grass?

There is no fixed fertilizing method for Bermuda grass. It depends on how long your lawn is grown. Ask yourself whether your grass is newly planted, newly laid, or an established lawn first.

Newly seeded lawns will require a specific NPK ratio to ensure healthy growth. Therefore, if you have just grown a new lawn, choosing a Starter or slow-release fertilizers would be better. Those offer the right ratio without burning the grass.

A weed-and-feed fertilizer can greatly encourage vigorous growth and force them to burst from the soil for existing weeds. On the other hand, established lawns need less phosphorus, so a nitrogen-rich feed is a great recommendation.

After getting the right fertilizer, you need to calculate the adequate amount to cover the lawn. It is better to measure the fertilizer amount based on the amount of nitrogen and follow the below step:

  • Multiply the nitrogen percentage in NPK ratio by the bag’s weight.
  • Divide this number by 3/2 and multiply by 1000 square feet to know how large the bag can cover.

When fertilizing the Bermuda lawn, make sure to wear gloves for smaller ones and a lawn spreader for large areas. Don’t double back on any spot to avoid burning this area. You should walk steadily and evenly.

After applying the fertilizer, it is vital to water lightly to let the soil absorb it. For water-soluble fertilizers, a hand-held sprayer with a garden hose will work wonders. 

Overall, don’t forget to read the label to prepare the necessary equipment.

When To Fertilize Bermuda Grass?

It is an uphill struggle to create a consistent seasonal schedule due to the extraordinary weather patterns. For this reason, you should follow the seasonal weather reports to have a flexible strategy.

Generally, fertilizing during the growing season will take effect, not during the winter. In the winter, the Bermuda weeds are likely to be dormant and not suitable for fertilizing.

Spring marks the beginning of our schedule after the last frost with little nitrogen feed. Applying high nitrogen proportions will lead to unwanted fatal consequences if unexpected frosts occur. 

Starting with high nitrogen amounts can shock the roots after a long dormant period. Therefore, you should start with a gentle effort for optimal results.

Bermuda lawns can greatly thrive in soil with from 6 to 6.5 pH levels. That’s why summer is the best period to feed the lawn. At this time, you should apply from 2 to 4 lbs of nitrogen per 1000 square feet to promote a green and vibrant color without excess growth.

It is not always recommended to apply nitrogen in the fall. This can trigger new growth, but the early frost will immediately damage it. Applying potassium around 4 to 6 weeks before the first frost can help your lawn much harder and stronger during the winter.

Why Choosing The Right Fertilizer Is Important For Your Bermuda Grass?

With the proper nutrients, your Bermuda grass will likely get the most attractive appearance. A rich and dark green lawn is always desirable and only achievable with an extra nitrogen dosage.

Fertilizers also ensure an even-textured lawn with no yellow patches and bald spots. They can keep your lawn and soil health and promote a comfortable thick carpet.

Strong roots are the key to a healthy lawn. So fertilizing the grass with sufficient nutrients helps them absorb water faster, burst into the soil, and spread quickly. 

The proper fertilizers also keep the lawn growth under control and save your maintenance effort. There is less chance of sprinkling by promoting root growth, especially in droughts and hot weather.

How Hot Is Too Hot For Lawn Fertilizer?

The best fertilizing time is when the soil temperature reaches around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This is when the lilacs start blossoming and letting the grass grow. 

Don’t try to feed the lawn when the temperature exceeds 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Above that line can cause unwanted grass burns. It would be best to feed the grass in the early mornings.

Expected Results

Undoubtedly, an effective fertilizing schedule will ensure a thicker and greener lawn. If you are looking for an immediate result, let’s choose a water-soluble and liquid product with high nitrogen accumulations.

For long-lasting lawns, a granular solution with lightly watering will promote year-round growth and support. Remember that a carpet-like and thick lawn can add an elegant look to your garden while promoting a defense system.


Long story short, we hope that our 8 best fertilizers for Bermuda grass reviews can give you some ideal choices to feed your lawn and suit your climate and region. Regardless of your circumstances, the right product is always available to give your Bermuda lawn a green, lush, and even look.

Concerning all the best aspects of a great product, Simple Lawn Solutions fertilizer should receive top reviews. The fertilizer is reasonable, quick to absorb, and easy to use.

If you have further questions about gardening, please do not hesitate to ask us at Swipe Garden.

Thanks for your reading!

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