Should I Fertilize Roses In Winter? Tips To Prepare Roses For Winter

Caring for roses is a favorite of many gardeners, although it is a difficult thing to do. What do you need to keep in mind to ensure your roses healthy can get through winter well and come back strong in spring? Should I fertilize roses in winter?

The answer is no. Proper care for roses usually begins in the summer. You should not fertilize roses after August 15.

Avoid feeding the soil after mid-August as extra nutrients will encourage new soft growth, which is susceptible to frost threats in the approaching winter.

In this post, Swipe Garden will help you take care of your beautiful flowers properly by answering all the questions relating to rose fertilization.

Should I Fertilize Roses In Winter?

Roses - Should I Fertilize Roses In Winter

Rose bushes

Winter is not the ideal time to feed roses for winter protection. You should not feed your plants any further manure after August 15th. You should avoid fertilizing from mid-August as part of winter preparation for Rosa.

Also, you need to treat repeat bloomers with extra nutrients but don’t have to do that with the plants that bloom only once in spring.

One feeding at the beginning of spring is enough. You can add more applications only if your greeneries are not healthy-looking or not blooming as you expect.

How Do You Take Care of Roses In The Winter?


Once you notice freezes or hard frosts have hit your garden, it’s time to prune. Pruning helps prevent the nasty winter winds or harsh winter snows from badly breaking over the canes.

This video shows beginners how to prune roses in simple steps:

Mounding up

To protect your rose bush from cold weather, mound up the surrounding area of the grafted bushes with rose collar mulch and garden soil, or whatever mounding method you like.


Watering is a critical part of winter care for roses. Winter in some regions is pretty dry, causing the favorable soil moisture to be quickly depleted.

Winter is the time you and your plants rested a bit, yet you can’t entirely forget your landscape. Otherwise, there will be much work to do in the upcoming spring.

When Should You Fertilize Roses For Winter?

Treat your flowers with nutrients once every 2-3 weeks. - Should I Fertilize Roses In Winter

Treat your rose bushes with nutrients once every 2-3 weeks.

The average frequency for granular fertilization is every two or three weeks throughout the growing season, from early spring to late summer or fall (four to six weeks if you’re using liquid fertilizers).

Start to feed when the new growth reaches the height of 4-6 inches, and you can see 5-7 leaves.

Weather conditions are not a certain date. Although there is still the potential threat of frost damage, your flowers can’t bear hunger for such a long time.

If your region has a freezing winter climate, stop fertilizing eight weeks before a frost approaches. In this way, you will help new plants avoid damage and frost effects.

What Do You Feed Roses In The Winter?

Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for roses. - Should I Fertilize Roses In Winter

Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for roses.

If you’re going to feed your plants in October or late September, a mixture low in nitrogen, like a 2-4-1 mix, will do them a favor.

Avoid fertilizing roses with both balanced manure (like 10-10-10) or a fertilizer high in nitrogen. Those numbers respectively indicate the percentages of N, P, and K (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium).

While nitrogen stimulates leaf growth, potassium encourages the general physical health of the flower, and phosphorus promotes root growth and flowering.

You should not encourage your flowers to produce new tender shoots in late autumn when winter is approaching. The first hard frost will kill them off.

So, if you’re worried about your beautiful blooming plants being hungry in September or October, apply a foliar fertilizer, such as Neptune’s Harvest or Monty’s Joy Juice.

Spray a decent amount of these foliar manures on the rose’s leaves. They’ll provide your greenery an immediate energy boost, assisting it in producing lush bushes in the late growing season.

Or you should use an organic fertilizer like Rose Tone three times during the growing season, in April, June, and August Tip Epsom salt has a long history of use as both an organic fertilizer and a pesticide.

Do Rose Plant Leaves Turn Yellow In Winter?

There are a bunch of reasons for rose bush leaves turning yellow. It can result from over-fertilizing, drought stress, nutrient-deficient soil, saturated soil, fungal disease, or lack of light.

You can also notice rose leaves’ colors turn yellow in winter since they’re entering the state of dormancy.

These blooming plants are deciduous. Thus, they engage in a dormant mode and drop off their leaves before winter.

The leaves turning yellow before dropping off is part of annual leaf shedding.

So, if you find your greenery’s leaves turning yellowish in the chilly winter season, be assured that it isn’t dying but simply preparing for the upcoming winter.


If you desire to see full, healthy buds on your roses every spring, it is crucial to learn how to care for them before and during the chilly winter months.

Wish you prepare well for a beautifully blooming garden!

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