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Vivosun Grow Light Review: Is It Really Worth The Price?

Are you looking for a Vivosun grow light review? Vivosun has established itself as a reputable brand in the world of indoor gardening, offering a wide range of lighting options designed to support plant growth and maximize yields. 

But you may wonder if they are worth the price as a savvy consumer. So my review will dive into their key features and performance to help you decide.

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Vivosun Grow Light Review

Vivosun is a well-known grow light brand with high-quality products at reasonable prices. The company designs grow lights with advanced technology to deliver high build quality, consistent spectrum, and optimal coverage.

To judge if they are good, I have tested and rated them on the following criteria!

Build quality

Build quality

As an indoor gardening enthusiast, I trust sturdy and durable devices, and the Vivosun lighting options did not disappoint me

The grow lights are well-built with sturdy materials that give them a reliable feel. Also, the cases feel solid, and the overall designs are thoughtfully executed. Everything feels solid and built to last, whether it’s the frame, the hangers, or the adjustable features. These grow lights have proven durability even after a year of use and occasional handling.

Undoubtedly, this brand has prioritized the build quality of its products. It ensures providing a reliable solution for indoor gardening lovers like me.


After years of research, I found this brand offers three distinct styles of lights, each with its features and benefits.

Firstly, the traditional panel style of LEDs is very reliable and flexible. I like this style because it is compact and user-friendly. Besides, I can connect them to other boards for simultaneous control, making them suitable for many applications. Secondly, the quantum panel LED grow lights are a more advanced and efficient option. I often recommend them to gardeners needing high performance, lighter weight, and good heat dissipation. I am impressed with the dimmer integrated into the driver and the quantum board that minimizes power consumption. Finally, this brand offers LED bar-style lights. I see these lights often appearing in large grow rooms. Although a bit heavier, they have exceptional coverage compared to the two styles above, which are usually rectangular. 

Now, some models can be twice as flexible, allowing for reduced power usage and easy storage.

Light output

These lights emit significant light, ensuring plants receive the intensity and spectrum they need for optimal growth. Whether it’s a traditional board, a quantum panel, or an LED bar, this brand has mastered the art of delivering powerful lighting performance across its product lines. Besides, the light emitted remains consistent and stable over a year. I like this consistency because it is vital to maintaining a healthy and productive indoor garden. However, these lights are not suitable for plants that are sensitive to temperature. So I recommend hanging them in a high location away from your plants to avoid burning the leaves.

Coverage area

Coverage area

One outstanding feature of these lights is their ability to illuminate large spaces. I have experienced their impressive coverage in my indoor garden. They effectively reach and illuminate my plants at the edge of the growing space. Hence, they promote balanced and consistent growth in my room. So if you have a large indoor garden, they will not disappoint you in coverage.

Adjustable spectrum

The ability to customize the full spectrum for each stage of plant growth is a big plus. These devices cover a wide range of wavelengths, from ultraviolet to far red and infrared, which are the most helpful parts of sunlight. By measuring light in nanometers, this brand ensures that its lighting source includes the colors needed for plant growth, spanning from 350 – 850nm. Thanks to the adjustable spectrum, I could focus the energy consumption of the lights on the colors that are most useful to the plants at the particular stage. 

Specifically, I provided higher blue lighting intensity during plant growth and increased red light output during flowering. Hence, my indoor garden has reached its maximum crop yield. Also, this feature allows me the flexibility to experiment with different spectrums and adapt to the unique requirements of various species or cultivars.


I’ve noticed that LED grow lights typically have a lifespan of about 50,000 hours. Thus, manufacturers need to provide comprehensive coverage against component failures or problems. And in this respect, this brand stands out. Specifically, it offers 3-to-5-year warranties for its LED lights. This brand, thus, ensures that the customer is well protected throughout the life of its products.

As a result, this generous warranty period gives me peace of mind knowing that I’m in the unfortunate event of manufacturing defects or performance issues. After experiencing customer service firsthand, I can also vouch for its commitment to customer satisfaction. When I contacted their support team, they were responsive and diligent in addressing my concerns or questions about their product.


This brand offers a variety of prices for their lights, depending on the type and size of the lights. For LED panel systems, the general price range is around $70 to $500. But, LED bars are typically between $150 and $500. Finally, traditional LED panels are available for around $100 to $400.

It is important to note that prices vary based on size, wattage, and features. Larger lights tend to be more expensive due to higher coverage and output. In addition, these price ranges ensure that options are always available to suit different budgets and requirements.

What Are The Most Popular Vivosun Grow Lights?

If you don’t know which to choose from your long list of products, first check out the most popular options as follows:

VS1000 LED

The VS1000 LED grow light with advanced Samsung LM301 diodes performs exceptionally well, delivering intense brightness and intensity that never fails to impress. I’m attracted by its lighting, like seeing the light at the end of a tunnel whenever I’m near it.

Its powerful output ensures my plants receive suitable lighting to develop. This intensity has contributed significantly to the success of my indoor garden. However, I find it relatively hot because of the high luminous intensity. So if you place it too close to your garden, it can burn your leaves.

VS2000 LED

Like the VS1000 model above, the VS2000 model also has a noticeable luminous intensity. Initially, I had some challenges with its recommended height and brightness settings. The reason is that it is too harsh on my seedlings, negatively affecting their growth. Then I decided to raise it to the top of my 2×4 square feet tent, and to my satisfaction, my plants started to develop.

However, one drawback I noticed is the power connection to the driver, which seems a bit weak. But it does not pose a serious problem as long as the lamp remains stationary at maximum height. This minor inconvenience is manageable and doesn’t affect overall performance.

VS4000 LED

I needed a device to provide optimal growing conditions for all my plants. When I saw the VS4000 on sale, I couldn’t resist trying it out, hoping it would meet my requirements. I am happy to say that it has exceeded my expectations.

Compared to other similar models I own, the VS4000 LED grow light stands out as the brightest with a significant margin. Its illumination has contributed to my healthy plants, resulting in vigorous growth and abundant yields. Also, the weather and humidity resistance of the lamp is invaluable since I keep it in the outdoor greenhouse.

What Are Pros And Cons Of Vivosun Grow Light?

What Are Pros And Cons Of Vivosun Grow Light?


  • Good build quality
  • High light output
  • Large coverage area
  • Adjustable spectrum
  • Various price points


  • High heat


After examining the features, performance, and user experience in my Vivosun grow light review, it is clear that these devices are worth it for many indoor gardeners. With solid build quality, high efficiency, customizable spectrum, and competitive price, this brand offers the best reliable option to optimize plant growth.

What do you think about this brand? Remember to share your thoughts in the comment section. Then, other growers can get help from your feedback. Thank you for reading and sharing!


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