Best 10 Grow Lights For Monstera: Healthy Plants Year-Round

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Winter days can be dreary and cold, but don’t let that stop your monstera from thriving! These beautiful plants need plenty of light to grow and blossom, but what do you do when there’s not enough sunshine to go around? That’s where grow lights come in! 

These fancy lights mimic the sun, giving your monstera all the light it needs to reach for the stars. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the perfect one for your monstera’s needs? 

Fear not, my friend! We’ve done the hard work for you and tested out the top 10 grow lights for monstera. They’re guaranteed to help your plant grow through each stage with flying colors! Ready to find the best match for your green thumb? Let’s dive in!

Buying Guides

Best grow lights for monstera fall into the category of LED lights

Grow lights play a crucial role in the health and growth of indoor plants, especially during the winter months or when natural sunlight is limited. By finding out about the different types of grow lights available, you can have happier, healthier plants that thrive and produce more fruit or flowers.

Type Of Light

When it comes to growing indoor plants, there are several types of grow lights to choose from, such as LED, Fluorescent, High-Intensity Discharge (HID), and Plasma. But, drumroll please… the most popular and widely used type, that’s also the one I’ll be talking about today, is LED lights!

LED lights are like the all-rounder superstar of grow lights, with a whole bunch of amazing benefits that’ll make you want to grab one right now.

First up, they’re super energy-efficient, which means they’ll keep your electricity bills low. Score!

Next, LED lights let you choose the right spectrum for your plants, which leads to better growth and yields. Yay for happy plants!

LED lights also have a long lifespan, which means you won’t have to replace them often and save money in the long run.

And the best part? LED lights have become more affordable over the years, making them accessible to everyone!

Finally, LED lights emit less heat compared to other grow lights, which makes for a stable and comfortable growing environment for your plants.

So, if you want to keep your plants healthy and happy, LED lights are the way to go!

Factors Of Light You Should Pay Attention To

Grow light is essential for your plant’s growth in dormant seasons.

When shopping for a grow light for your monstera, there are a few important things to keep in mind.


You don’t want to be caught in a power outage, so choose a wattage that’s just right for your growing space. Higher wattage lights mean more energy for your plants, but also a bigger electricity bill.


Your monstera will thank you for giving it the right light spectrum. A full-spectrum LED light with a variety of wavelengths is a great option.

Coverage Area

Make sure your grow light covers all of your Monsteras, so every leaf gets the light it needs to thrive. The size of the product will determine how much area it can cover so choose the right size for your indoor garden, so your monstera can receive the right amount of light.

PAR Value

This is a fancy way of saying the light available for photosynthesis. Choose a grow light with a high PAR value to keep your monstera growing strong.


Look for a grow light that’s built to last. You don’t want to be replacing it every season.

Heat emission

Too much heat can be a monstera’s worst nightmare, so choose a grow light that’s cool to the touch.

Dimmer and Timer

Some grow lights come with a dimmer and timer, so you can control the intensity and duration. Perfect for controlling the monstera’s growing schedule.


Don’t break the bank, but don’t skimp on quality either. Find a grow light that’s both affordable and efficient.

Our Top Picks

GHodec Sunlight White 50W 84 LEDGHodec Sunlight White 50W 84 LEDCheck Price
King Plus 1200w LED Double ChipsKing Plus 1200w LED Double ChipsCheck Price
Relassy LED for Indoor PlantsRelassy LED for Indoor PlantsCheck Price
Mars Hydro TSW2000 LedMars Hydro TSW2000 LedCheck Price
Bseah Plant Lights for Indoor PlantsBseah Plant Lights for Indoor PlantsCheck Price
Barrina LED V-Shape with ReflectorBarrina LED V-Shape with ReflectorCheck Price
Roleadro 75W LedRoleadro 75W LedCheck Price
SANSI LED for Indoor PlantsSANSI LED for Indoor PlantsCheck Price
Aceple LED Dual Head Desk Clip LampAceple LED Dual Head Desk Clip LampCheck Price
2023 Upgraded VIPARSPECTRA P20002023 Upgraded VIPARSPECTRA P2000Check Price

The Best Grow Lights For Monstera Reviews Of 2022

I’ve scoured the market and evaluated various grow lights based on several important factors, such as the number of plants in your room and the light intensity needed for optimal growth.

Get ready to shine a spotlight on your Monstera’s growth with the best product on the market. Let’s dive into each criterion and find your perfect match!

1. GHodec Sunlight White 50W 84 LED

  • Type of light: LED
  • Power consumption: 50WDesign: Dual head bulbs
  • Number of LED lights: 84
  • Timer: 4/8/12H 
  • Size: 15.75 x 7.87 x 7.87 inches
  • Dimmable levels: 5 levels

Product’s highlight

GHodec Grow Light is a model with a complete overall build quality, suitable for use in many stages of plant growth. My first favorite point about the main product lies in its solid and intelligent construction.

After experiencing this kind of light for my Monstera, I think this is a good solution for lighting for your monstera because it meets my demand for a grow light for my little buddies to a high extent.

The clip design is very noticeable in this product because it makes the design compact and easy to install. The 4/8/12 hour timer and 5 dimmable levels help me more with adjusting and customizing light exposure so conveniently. 

With 50W consumption and 84 LED lights, this light provides pretty good brightness and highly simulates the natural light at a very reasonable price, but this intensity of the light may not satisfy the bigger indoor plants or if you have many individuals in your house. Also, LED lights can produce heat over time,  affecting the lifespan of the product over time.


  • Compacted
  • Full spectrum light
  • Easy to adjust and customize
  • Natural-like light


  • Limited coverage area
  • Not sufficient for larger plants
  • Become hotter by using

Bottom line

GHodec Grow Light is a solid and intelligent product with a compact and easy-to-install clip design, a 4/8/12 hour timer, 84 LED lights, and a reasonable price. However, it may not be suitable for bigger indoor plants or if you have many individuals in your house.

2. King Plus 1200w LED Double Chips

  • Type of light: LED
  • Power consumption: 1200 W
  • Design: Full spectrum design

Product’s highlight

I highly recommend this full-spectrum grow light for you guys. This product has exceeded my expectations because, after a period of time using it, my plants have obviously flourished and produced an abundant amount of foliage and blooms. 

The light of 1200 W is actually giving what it has. You will be surprised by the ample light and there is no need for additional lighting during the day. Also, the light does not produce as much heat as other LED lights, so it will not degrade quickly as other types. 

About the design, the structure is very sturdy, the LED bulbs are tightly attached to the base. In general, I think it has excellent value for the money. 

The big object you should pay attention to is the bill for this product, the price is not cheap, and the high power consumption will make up a big portion of your electricity bill. 


  • Super bright and full spectrum light
  • Very durable 


  • Quite expensive
  • High electricity cost
  • No particular timer function

Bottom line

This full-spectrum grow light has exceeded expectations, providing ample light and not producing as much heat as other LED lights. However, the high power consumption will make up a big portion of the electricity bill.

3. Relassy LED for Indoor Plants

  • Type of light: LED
  • Power consumption: 45W
  • Design: Full spectrum design
  • Timer: 3/6/12H

Product’s highlight

While this may not be the strongest light out there, it has surprisingly worked wonders for my plants. After using it for a while, my plants have grown to be healthy and green, which I am very pleased with.

One of the best things about this light is its flexibility. The flex neck is easy to bend, so it can be easily attached to a table. This feature is very useful and makes it easier for me to put the device where I need it.

One of the biggest benefits I have seen when using this one is the improvement in my monstera’s farewell. They are getting their color back and the foliages are becoming fuller. So I think it is providing the plants with the right spectrum of light for their growth.

However, there are some downsides as well. The arm positioning can be a bit challenging. And when it was delivered, the cardboard packaging gave me a cheap feeling. Additionally, this grow light uses a lot of energy, and my electricity bill has increased since I started using it.

In conclusion, while this grow light has some flaws, the benefits it brings to my plants make it worth the investment. I would recommend it to other indoor gardeners, as long as they are aware of the energy consumption and cost associated with it. 


  • Sun-like full spectrum
  • Timing function
  • Adjustable brightness level


  • Small coverage
  • Not suitable for all kinds of plant

Bottom line

This grow light has worked wonders for my plants, providing them with the right spectrum of light and improving their color and foliage. The disadvantage is the challenging arm positioning or the cheap cardboard packaging. Despite these drawbacks, the benefits it brings to the plant make it worth the investment.

4. Mars Hydro TSW2000 Led

  • Power consumption: 300W
  • Material: ‎Aluminum 
  • Coverage Area: 4x4ft

Product’s highlight

The Mars Hydro TSW2000 Led Grow Light is a top-notch product that impressed me with its quality, coverage, and performance. The 4x4ft coverage is exactly as described and provides a well-rounded and adequate amount of light for my indoor plants. Despite being only 300W, the level of light is intense and provides a great boost to plant growth. The design of the light is also fantastic, with ratchet hangers and the added bonus of a daisy chain, which increases the coverage potential when combined with other lighting devices.

The only downside to this product is the ambiguous instructions for installation. Additionally, the 300W power consumption is a bit high, leading to a higher electricity bill. Despite these minor drawbacks, I highly recommend the Mars Hydro TSW2000 for any indoor gardener or hydroponic grower looking for a top-performing and well-designed grow light.


  • Good coverage
  • Intensive light
  • High-quality design


  • Unclear instructions
  • High electricity usage

Bottom line

The Mars Hydro TSW2000 Led Grow Light is a high-quality product that provides a well-rounded and adequate amount of light for indoor plants, with ratchet hangers and daisy chains, but it comes with a higher electricity bill. Despite these drawbacks, it is a great choice for indoor gardeners or hydroponic growers.

5. Bseah Plant Lights for Indoor Plants

  • Type of light: LED
  • Power consumption: 15W
  • Design: Full spectrum design
  • Timer: 3/6/12H
  • Dimmable lightness: 10 levels

Product’s highlight

This grow light is an excellent investment for my indoor plants, specifically monstera. My plants have become greener, and fuller, and they are facing toward the light. The timer function is convenient and allows for hands-free operation. I see it switched exactly at the time I set, which is either 3, 9, or 12 hours of light per day. There are many versions; but my version is the 3 gooseneck, which is sufficient for a small corner of plants. The clip design is also a major plus to me. I highly recommend this item to anyone looking to keep their houseplants healthy.

The only problem is that the arm is short, and the coverage will not cover half a big plant. The brightness is also not enough, even with several plants. So you should consider this if you have many plants in your house. 


  • Full spectrum light
  • Great timer function
  • 10 levels of dimmable lightness


  • Limited coverage area

Bottom line

This grow light is an excellent investment for indoor plants, providing 3, 9, or 12 hours of light per day. It is convenient and allows for hands-free operation, but the arm is short, and the brightness is not enough for many plants.

6. Barrina LED V-Shape with Reflector

  • Type of light: LED
  • Power consumption: 252W
  • Design: 4ft T8 tubes

Product’s highlight

This seems like a great investment for houseplant care. I am impressed by the performance of the Barrina LED Grow Light. The light is super bright and intense, yet it saves energy. 

The 6-pack tube design is outstanding and easy to install, I can wire more bulbs into the sequence during the growing season or fewer when I want the light to be weaker. 

It makes you feel better to know that the light lasts a long time. So I think it’s valuable for the price.

However, I have noticed that the clips are not always strong and stable, and this can be a problem if you are not careful. Additionally, since it’s a set of individual lights, you have to be careful when purchasing because you might get a not-working one sometimes. 

Overall, I’m satisfied with the Barrina LED, and I would recommend it to other indoor gardeners looking for a high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective grow light.


  • Good value for the price
  • Bright and effective light
  • Energy efficient
  • Adjustable design


  • Unstable clips
  • Some lights may not work properly

Bottom line

The Barrina LED Grow Light is a great investment for houseplant care, as it is bright, efficient, and cost-effective. However, the clips are not always strong and stable, and it is important to be careful when purchasing. Overall, the Barrina LED is a great choice for indoor gardeners.

7. Roleadro 75W Led

  • Power consumption: 75W
  • Coverage area: 7-10 ft2
  • Light: Full spectrum, wavelengths (380nm to 800nm)

Product’s highlight

Another worth-tried product is the ROLEADRO LED grow light. I have noticed a significant improvement in my plants since using this light. The overall performance is great. 

The light is built well and has an external ballast so that it stays cool even after long hours of use. The coverage area of 8-14 inches is sufficient for my indoor plants and the fact that it is energy efficient is a great bonus.

Besides, I do have a couple of minor complaints. The absence of a timer function is a bit disappointing, especially considering that this is a modern grow light. Additionally, the design of the surface for hanging the device could have been better. It would have been nice if it had a clip design instead of just a surface area. 

Overall, I am still very satisfied with my purchase and would highly recommend this LED grow light to others.


  • Improved plant growth
  • Good build quality with the low heat output
  • Adequate coverage for indoor plants
  • Energy efficient


  • No timer function
  • Difficult hanging design

Bottom line

The ROLEADRO LED grow light is a great product for indoor plants, but it has a few minor complaints, such as the absence of a timer function and the lack of a clip design. Overall, it is a great buy and highly recommended.

8. SANSI LED for Indoor Plants

  • Power consumption: 150W
  • Light: Full spectrum, wavelengths (380nm to 800nm )
  • Design: Gooseneck clip design

Product’s highlight

The next option is the SANSI LED for Indoor Plants. The affordable price combined with the convenient gooseneck clip makes it the perfect choice for all types of gardeners. 

I love how easily I can adjust the light to different places and positions in my house, making it a versatile and effective option. Despite the low price, the benefits are obvious and I can tell my plants are thriving under the light.

However, there are a few downsides to mention. The gooseneck can be a bit unstable at times and seems like it might break. Additionally, the 150W power may not provide enough light for those with a larger number of houseplants. 

Finally, the bulbs do generate a significant amount of heat, which could be an issue for some. Despite these drawbacks, I still believe this is an excellent choice for those looking for a cost-effective option.


  • Small but effective
  • Dual head design for wider coverage
  • Auto on/off function


  • Does not turn off completely
  • The timer can lose effectiveness

Bottom line

The Sansi LED is a great option for indoor plants due to its affordable price and convenient gooseneck clip. However, the 150W power may not provide enough light for larger plants, and the bulbs can generate heat.

9. Aceple LED Dual Head Desk Clip Lamp

  • Power consumption: 12W
  • Light: Full spectrum
  • Design: Dual head clip lamp
  • Timer: 6/10/12H

Product’s highlight

I am impressed with the affordability and versatility of the Aceple LED Dual Head Desk Clip Lamp. The gooseneck clip is a great feature that allows me to adjust the light to fit in different areas and positions in my home. It is effective and every gardener should consider adding one to their collection.

However, there are a few downsides to this product. The gooseneck can be unstable and may seem to break at times. The 150W light may not meet the demand for those with multiple houseplants and it generates quite a bit of heat. Despite these issues, I still believe that this is a great value for its price and would recommend it to other indoor gardeners.


  • Small but effective
  • Dual head design for wider coverage
  • Auto on/off function


  • Does not turn off completely
  • The timer can lose effectiveness

Bottom line

The SANSI LED Grow Light is a great value for indoor gardeners, with a gooseneck clip and 150-watt light, but it can be unstable and generate heat.

10. 2023 Upgraded VIPARSPECTRA P2000

  • Power consumption: 200W
  • Wiring: Daisy chain
  • Design: Dual-Channel Dimming
  • Timer: 6/10/12 H

Product’s highlight

I am extremely satisfied with the VIPARSPECTRA P2000 LED Grow Light. The lighting output is impressive and has made a noticeable difference in the health and growth of my plants. 

The dimmable feature and timer function work flawlessly, making it easy for me to control the lighting of my plants. Additionally, the energy efficiency and low heat output of this light is a huge plus for me. 

I appreciate the solid hangers and the fact that it uses little energy compared to other grow lights. 

The only downside I noticed is that the daisy chain could be more effective, but overall this grow light has exceeded my expectations and is a fantastic investment.


  • Bright light output
  • Energy efficient
  • Dimmable with timer function
  • Low heat output and durable


  • Ineffective daisy chain function

Bottom line

The VIPARSPECTRA P2000 LED grow light is a great investment, with impressive lighting output, a dimmable feature, a timer function, energy efficiency, solid hangers, and low heat output.


The habitat for Monstera needs adequate light. And the best grow lights for Monstera above are the perfect models I’ve tested.

Hopefully, with these 10 top picks, you will find a model that suits your usage habits and indoor plant room space.


A lot of Monstera plant fans don’t have a proper understanding of its growth rate and lighting requirements. Therefore, I will provide some of the most frequently asked questions below.

Does Monstera need sunlight?

Yes, they need natural sunlight for the best growth and development. We should put the tree outside to get the most natural sunlight. And it will quickly absorb and convert everything into energy for growth. In addition to light, we also need to ensure humidity for the Monstera plant through watering or fertilizing. And, new Monstera plants can grow to total health with good resistance to pests and other harmful agents.

How much sun does a Monstera need?

Depending on the stage of development, we should pay attention to the length of lighting of the plant. Each Monstera plant must receive bright indirect light from 5 to 8 hours per day. Of course, they should not be placed where the natural light is too intense because it will make Monstera sweat or even kill the plant.

Can Monstera grow in low light?

Monstera does not grow in low light. It needs a bright light environment, but that doesn’t mean direct exposure to the sun. If the plant is to direct sunlight, its root system will tend to degrade and cause the plant to wilt and die.

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