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Are Coffee Grounds Good For Succulents? 3 Tips For Using

Whenever succulents are mentioned, it is a must to hint at the ‘gardening’ talking point. Gardening is a mammoth subject. It is one of the favorite leisure activities for nature lovers. Coffee grounds bring many benefits to plants; any gardener who has succulents wonders if they work the same way. So, are coffee grounds good for succulents?

Are Coffee Grounds Used As Fertilizer?

Yes, the coffee grounds can be used as fertilizer or compost. Over the years, we have added hundreds of pounds of used coffee grounds to compost worm bins and directly to our garden beds as needed. The coffee ground has helped us enrich our soil with nutrients without having to purchase fertilizers or soil amendments.

Are you amazed that you heard that? So do we. It works like heaven! Moreover, with 10.31 pounds of nitrogen per cubic yard, coffee grounds are an excellent source of nitrogen for the garden.

When we think of fertilizers, not only nitrogen but also phosphorous and potassium play an important role.

Coffee grounds don’t disappoint on this front either, with an NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, and nitrogen) of approximately 2.1, 0.3, and 0.3, respectively.

After a brief discussion about coffee grounds’ pivotal role in the world of plants, let’s scrutinize the article ‘Are coffee grounds good for succulents?’ So, the answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’ as well.

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Are Coffee Grounds Good For Succulents?

When we say yes, that means it is going to work out well, especially if you have succulents that are growing on the ground. Probably in a raised garden bed or in the ground itself, because a lot of people tend to grow them in the ground.

Now the point that might disturb or confuse you is how the coffee grounds on Earth can prove flavorful to these succulents. There is nothing like a cat on a hot tin roof! We are here to make your life easier and more transparent.

Only use brewed coffee grounds for outdoor succulents because coffee grounds help the plant’s growth. If you use the coffee grounds or unbrewed coffee in the soil of the in-ground succulents, it may do wonders. Use unbrewed coffee grounds carefully since the coffee grounds may have too much caffeine, which means that they reduce the growth of plants for minerals or water.

Coffee Grounds Are A Rich Source Of Nitrogen

Besides, compost coffee grounds have a rich source of nitrogen. Nitrogen is something that does not get along very well with succulents. If there is a high amount of nitrogen, there is a high chance of the succulent roots getting burnt.

Any plant that gets a high amount of nitrogen has a chance to get burnt, especially succulents. So, we would advise you to avoid the coffee grounds if growing your succulents in the pot, it can turn out a little dangerous.

If you own a beach house and want to grow plants there it would be great and you will get natural air.

Tips For Using Coffee Grounds For Succulents

Although, various tips help in keeping the succulents healthy and superb. Here we are going to discuss a few secret tips to help you grow your favorites in your garden or balconies.

These are listed below:

  • Don’t overwater your succulents with coffee-ground
  • Don’t use the coffee regularly as it’s acidic (four to six months depending on the state of  the plant)
  • Plant soil sensors
  • Sunlight is also essential for it.

Don’t overwater your succulents

So, what happens if you overwater your succulents with coffee grounds? You are not going to make your succulents have coffee shakes! Here’s what, succulent leaves have small water storage cells that are filled with water.

When overwatered, these cells die causing the yellowish color of the leaves. It sometimes explodes and gets punctured due to which damaged leaves will fall off.

In worse cases, the stem and root will rot including the plant’s core. By this stage, the plant will likely die. Overwatering is a plant killer. And you surely don’t want your beloved plant to leave you. So, be careful with watering your succulents, particularly with the coffee grounds.

Don’t use coffee regularly as it is acidic

We all have heard that ‘anything beyond its limit is toxic whether it is love or hate.’ So, coffee grounds could be harmful to your succulents if not given in the proper amount.

The coffee grounds are sprinkled on top of the ground. Don’t add coffee grounds too much because it can be too acidic for a plant. The perfect condition to grow plants is a slightly acidic soil pH.

The lower the pH, the more likable the plant growth. Acidic soil can cause harm to succulent plants’ soil since it inhibits the water withdrawal of fertilizer.

We suggest you use coffee grounds for between four and six months, mostly depending on the state of your succulents.

Plant soil sensors

These plant soil sensors are the white sticks that usually stick out in the pots like the popsicles we had in our childhood. Forget it! These are connected via Bluetooth.

They make your work easy.  With their help, you can monitor moisture levels and lock capacity. Not only this, but you can also keep an eye on the temperature and the decryption levels in the soil.


So, we have pretty much discussed different things on ‘Are coffee grounds good for succulents.’  There is a yes and a no, depending on the situation. If the amount of coffee grounds added is considered, then this can be a quite difficult question to answer, probably solving a mathematics algorithm for a science student.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this article and that almost all your doubts regarding coffee grounds used for succulents have been set aside. We aspire to bring you more informative and enlightening articles to make your lives peaceful.

Kelly Lawrence

Kelly Lawrence

Kelly Lawrence is the CEO of Swipe Garden. Over 10 years in the writing and passion for gardening, she brings a wealth of expertise and creativity to the world of gardening. Kelly Lawrence has cultivated a community of plant lovers, making gardening accessible and enjoyable for all.