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Vivosun VS4000 LED Grow Light Review: Is It Good?

Check out this Vivosun VS4000 LED grow light review if you are looking for a lighting source for your indoor garden!

This review will explore its features, performance, and usage experience. You will then be able to determine how effective this lighting device is in helping plants grow. Stay tuned to see if this device is for your plants!

An Overview Of Vivosun VS4000 LED

The Vivosun VS4000 LED grow light is a modern, high-quality lighting solution designed specifically for growers. It blends perfectly with any indoor environment with its warm white color and sleek aluminum texture, especially in rooms like patios. Besides, this device uses advanced technology, such as Samsung Diode LM301H, to provide the full spectrum needed for healthy plant growth.

Highly efficient and dimmable lights allow users to customize the intensity to their plant’s specific needs. Also, it is cost-effective, offering lower energy consumption than traditional lighting options. Suitable for indoor use, this device can be powered by either AC or DC power, providing growers flexibility and convenience.

Overall, the Vivosun VS4000 LED grow light is a reliable and effective tool for growing indoor plants.

Vivosun VS4000 LED Grow Light Review 

During testing, I paid attention to this Vivosun product’s performance and energy consumption. Also, I have tested its noise and temperature for a long time.

Let’s dive into the detailed reviews below!


I have been using the Vivosun VS4000 LED for about a year, and it has exceeded my expectations. The high energy efficiency light with SAMSUNG LM301 diodes of 2.9 umol/J is impressive because it saves energy and provides powerful lighting for my plants.

Compared to other similar models I own, the VS4000 is by far the brightest. The difference is significant, and I can see a positive effect on my crops. They are growing in this light, producing healthy and vibrant foliage. Besides, I’ve tried keeping my greenhouse grow light outdoors, and its resistance to weather and humidity is a huge plus. It has withstood various weather conditions without any problems.

In the past year, I’ve had three sets of flower plants using this light, and the results have been amazing. The buds are dense and of excellent quality. Also, the light’s ability to penetrate the tree canopy is impressive. Hence, it has ensured that all parts of my plants receive enough light for optimal growth.


I am very impressed with the energy saving of the Vivosun VS4000. It delivers high power but just consumes only 400W of electricity. In my experience, this efficiency level is remarkable, especially compared to traditional HID light and other lighting options currently on the market.

Besides, its energy-saving feature is especially beneficial for long-term use. Since I keep my device on for long periods, having an option that consumes less power without sacrificing performance is a big plus. Thanks to it, I can maintain a sustainable and cost-effective indoor gardening setup without worrying about using up too much energy.

Dimmable ballast

The reason I chose VS4000 is because of its dimmable ballast feature. As advertised, it has a dimmer knob to easily adjust the intensity from 40% to 100% to be adaptable to the specific needs of my crop. So is it as good as what the company says? Let’s see my test results.

The dimmer feature was helpful when switching my plants from a lower light setup (specifically fluorescent) to the Vivosun VS4000. I started my plants on a 40% lower setting to give them time to acclimate and prevent any risk of minor burns. Then, this device provided a gentle introduction to powerful light output and ensured a smooth transition to optimal growth. Over time, as my plants acclimatized to their new environment, I gradually increased the intensity using the dimmer knob. 

As a result, this flexibility allows me to fine-tune the lighting conditions and provide the ideal spectrum and intensity for each growth stage.

Full spectrum

Regarding spectrum, this device provides optimal sunlike full-spectrum coverage that meets my plants’ needs at every growth stage. 

Whether seedling, vegetative growth, or flowering, it has the energy and spectrum to support healthy and vigorous plant growth. However, it is worth noting that connecting the lights to the grow tray can limit the ability to adjust the spectrum for each stage. But on the plus side, I find that the overall full-spectrum output of this device is still highly effective in supporting my crop’s growth requirements.

Noise & heat

In terms of noise, its unique design with power supply and ventilation holes eliminates the need for a fan, resulting in low-noise operation. It is a great advantage, as it ensures a calm and peaceful environment for setting up my indoor garden.

In terms of temperature, it generated more heat than I initially expected. But considering it’s a 400-watt bulb, I can’t complain. Thus, I have implemented proper ventilation in my growing area to manage heat effectively. This tip ensures efficient heat dissipation and helps maintain the optimum temperature for my plants.

Ease of use

The convenience of this device started right from the setup process. It came with everything I needed to get started. 

Besides the LEDs, the package included a pair of eye protection and a pair of its US-patented rope hangers for easy installation. All the accessories saved me time and effort, ensuring a smooth setup. Then operating this device was easy. Specifically, the light had intuitive controls and adjustments, such as a dimmer knob to adjust light intensity. Furthermore, its user-friendly design extends to its overall maintainability. I find cleaning it simply due to the easily accessible structure.

In short, this product offers exceptional ease of use. From initial setup to commissioning and daily maintenance, it provides a hassle-free experience for growers of all levels.

Check this video below about the Vivosun VS4000 grow light review:

What Are Pros And Cons Of Vivosun VS4000 LED Grow Light?

After evaluating this product, here are the main points you need to note!


  • High output and efficiency
  • Full spectrum coverage
  • Dimmable functionality
  • Energy-saving
  • Low noise


  • High heat production
  • High initial cost

Is Vivosun VS4000 LED Grow Light Worth Your Choices? 

Vivosun VS4000 LED Grow Light Worth Your Choices

The answer is yes! The Vivosun VS4000 LED deserves to be considered the first choice for indoor growers. With impressive features and performance, it offers excellent value for your investment.

First and foremost, this device delivers high output and efficiency with its advanced LED technology, which ensures optimal spectrum and intensity for all stages of plant growth. Full spectrum coverage and high efficiency make it a reliable lighting solution. Moreover, the dimmer function allows for customization, allowing you to control the light intensity to meet the specific needs of your plants. This adaptability is especially valuable for beginners as well as experienced growers.

Besides, its energy-saving capabilities make it a cost-effective choice in the long run, reducing energy consumption while maintaining power output. Also, it operates quietly thanks to its fanless design, ensuring a peaceful environment. Although it does generate some heat, proper ventilation can easily control it. Also, the package includes helpful accessories such as a planter glass and a wire hanger, enhancing the overall convenience of using the grow light.

Considering the above benefits, why don’t you try it right away? I’m sure it won’t let you down!


Above is my Vivosun VS4000 LED grow light review. This device proves to be the best choice for plants in indoor gardening settings. With advanced LED technology, high energy efficiency, and full spectrum coverage, it provides the optimal intensity and spectrum needed for all stages of plant growth.

With it, you can provide your plants with optimal conditions for vigorous growth, high yields, and successful indoor gardening. So, what do you want to know more about this lighting device? Feel free to leave a comment. Thank you for reading!


Mike Rastus-Josiah

Mike Rastus-Josiah

Mike Rastus-Josiah is the Master Gardener of Swipe Garden. He has over 30 years of experience in horticulture, plant physiology, and sustainability practices. Mike wants to continue sharing his expertise with inspiring others to explore the wonders of gardening.